• Charlie Conners
    Nov 2021

    My first time doing a float tank and this was the perfect place to do it! Whitney was working and she was so helpful in answering any questions I had and guiding through the process in a very calming and professional manner. Did 30 minutes in the sauna with red lights and 1.5 hours in the float tank. Would definitely do a full 2 hours next time. Felt so different afterwards and like a completely new person! Plus the whole establishment is very clean. Definitely recommending this place to anyone who asks!

  • kristen bailey
    Nov 2021

    Love this. Great experience definitely need to do 90 min vs 60 min to get the full effect. Will be going back

  • Mark Bennett
    Sep 2021

    Pretty neat. Hard to relax after the first visit but feel much better hours afterward regarding tension/clarity/focus.

  • Alexus Nicole
    Sep 2021

    My experience was amazing! The vibes were very open and calming. The young lady helped me and talked me through EVERYTHING! We shared experiences and laughter which helped me relax. The float was awesome! I didn’t know that I could relax like that! I will definitely be coming back!

  • Adam K.
    Aug 2021

    What an incredible experience. I have always wanted to try a float/sensory deprivation tank, but never have. So I finally decided to give it a shot. Booking my appointment was incredibly easy on their Facebook page. The prices seemed more than reasonable, so I went ahead and booked an open slot. When I arrived Beverly walked me through the whole process, answering any questions that I had and giving me a nice tea to help relax before the float. You'll have an option for music (I would go with Beverly's recommendation of 10 minutes at the beginning and 5 at the end). They have everything you need (towels, washcloths, etc) so the only thing you need to bring is maybe a pair of shower shoes. You'll take a shower in the room before getting into the tank. They'll encourage you to try a bunch of different positions and I would as well! Arms up, arms down, palms up, palms down, head float, no head float. I found that the head float, arms down palms up was the best position for me. I can't recommend this place enough, and will definitely be coming back.

  • Ava Lu
    Jul 2021

    Has seating outside of the building that, in which they have a sign which is wordy and hard to understand. The woman working there was not kind when asking me to not sit there. As an autistic person, please make your sign more clear and hire someone with kindness when there are misunderstandings.

  • Crystal F.
    Jun 2021

    since thwy switched owners they are absolutely garbage piece of shit human working there if you dye your hair dont bother the bitch wont let you float even if its been months fuck youthe other owner had no problem with it my haircolor bleed out stupid bitch

  • Zach Green
    Apr 2021

    Second visit to Dream Float Spa. Booking online was simple and convenient for me. Due to COVID, the staff had chairs outside and brought tea during the check in. Float experience was great and no distractions from outside noise or light. Will definitely return.

  • Dale Williams
    Mar 2021

    I feel sooo good. Highly knowledgeable and friendly staff. You've got to go!

  • Xtina Calcaterra
    Mar 2021

    I had a great first experience at the Dream Float Spa! There are showers in your float room, clean towels, earplugs, a sauna, and DELICIOUS complementary tea! My session was very relaxing. You are able to leave the light in the tank on or shut them off, and there are great music options. The drinks they have there for sale are super yummy too. I can’t wait to do it again!

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