• BB Lane
    Nov 2021

    Lucy is a great nail tech! Make an appointment if you don't want to wait.

  • Jewonda B. Jenkins
    Nov 2021

    I've been searching for a nail salon close to my house since my old nail shop was out of the way after I switched jobs and of the 5 new places I tried NT nails has THE BEST customer service and they do a really good job with my nails. Family owned and they do not get an attitude when you ask for certain things like applying 3 coats of gel instead of 2. I've found my new salon!

  • Tamarah Clayton
    Jun 2021

    A young man did my nails and I'm not sure what kind of powder they use for acrylic nails but it COMPLETELY RUINED my natural nails. I have been getting acrylics for years and have never had any acrylics rip my ENTIRE NAIL off. I also feel the nail tech put too thick of a layer on my nail and that could be why they will not budge. Ive been soaking them for hours in acetone and they are either stuck or I am forced to just rip them completely off along with my natural nail. (sorry for being so graphic) I was really impressed with their prices but I'm thinking I'd rather spend a few extra dollars for safer products and a nail tech who is a little more careful with my nails . Would not recommend unfortunately.

  • Tracy Henderson
    Jun 2021

    Nice place to go get nails done .

  • Vanessa Dukes
    May 2021

    Not being from here, I was thrilled when I found Lucy. She was like a breathe of fresh air. I’ve been going to the shop exclusively since I started. Never went anywhere else even if I did not like something I chucked it up but still remained a loyal customer. I don’t complain much and kinda dislike when people aren’t given chances, so I feel that my review is warranted.On two separate occasions I allowed a young man to do my nails. Again, never had any issues so I didn’t mind. I prefer Lucy but I can understand how that can be so I’m not too picky. The first time the job was ok but I had a lot of lifting that I normally don’t have and I broke a nail. When he repaired the nail it bleed underneath and he just put the new nail on top which caused the blood to pool around my cuticle. Next time I went back I was ushered to him again with two broken nails. My last fill was done by the older man who does a good job too, and I have no broken nails just one that’s lifting a little. So I went in today to get a fill. The shop was not full just one lady in the chair that Lucy was tending to. We said greetings and I was asked what I was getting. I said a fill and was told to have a seat with the younger man. I politely declined stating that I did not like the way he did my nails and asked if I could wait for Lucy since there was no one else other the two. I was told that if he messes up they will not charge me or will discount. Which would be acceptable but I had already had two bad experiences with this guy. I politely declined and walked out disappointed. I offered to come back or schedule with someone other than him and was still pushed towards him. Customer service is granting the customers wishes, after all it is our money that pays your bills. Reviews and word of mouth can hurt your future business. I’m saddened because I now have to find another nail technician. Or... not wear them at all. In reading the other reviews he seems to be mentioned as well.

  • Beverley Booker
    May 2021

    I love the service from my guy Daniel, and the owner is very nice as well.

  • Melissa Linkous
    Apr 2021

    Did a great job on my pedicure highly suggest going

  • Jasmine G.
    Mar 2021

    If I could rate them a 0 I would. I took my mom to get a pedi. My technician was great, however, my mothers was horrible. The water was cold, when I asked her to make the water warm, she told me to talk to my technician because she spoke English. Then, she didn't scrub my mothers feet, she just rushed through the process. When it was time to paint her toes, she didn't use the toe seperater, paint was all over her toes. It was horrible. I spoke with the owner because I didn't feel like it was worth my money for my mothers pedi, he took off $3. I paid for ours and made sure we tipped my technician well. When the owner spoke to the lady she responded rude in her native language and just walked away while he was talking to her. If anything, I want my tech to know, girl take your talent elsewhere, you are great at what you do.

  • Kathleen Rimbey
    Mar 2021

    Great service and they repair their work if needed.

  • Laurie P.
    Mar 2021

    Lucy is awesome! She can also do your lashes well too. They also have the best prices in the area.If one of the other techs messes up, then just go back, and they will gladly fix it.I often see customers trying to take advantage of Lucy’s kindness which is frustrating, and that is my only complaint. She is so kind that she apologizes and tries to help the best way she can.

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