• Taniki Richard
    Sep 2021

    Great spa to go to on a regular basis. I usually get a 90 minute massage with a 60 minute facial and I always walk out feeling lighter and brighter!

  • Jennifer Powell
    Aug 2021

    I arrived to my appointment a little early not expecting that I would be taken right back. My muscles were so soar when I went in and come I out feeling revived. I wasn’t sure after my last visit that I had that I would be continuing my membership. After today’s visit, I will definitely be going back again. Thanks for your great service Brent!!

  • Melissa Troncoso (The Health Whisperer)
    Aug 2021

    Nice spa with excellent customer service. Melanie is a great esthetician. I will come again for her services.

  • Gary Duncan
    Aug 2021

    Denise was wonderful and I would recommend anyone to her. She's the best...

  • Lovely Larnette
    Jul 2021

    they are very professional and kind. very knowledgeable about taking care of your body

  • Santana C.
    Jul 2021

    I'm not even sure where to start here. So I have an appointment starting at 1:30, I am inside waiting at 1:34 give or take. I am few minutes behind, stuff happens, and I'd already filled out my forms they emailed me several hours earlier which cover skin conditions, sensitivities, medical status, I.e. pregnancy/breastfeeding. Now the day prior I was called by a nice young lady to confirm my appointment and at this time I asked if I would be able to bring my baby, who I knew would sleep through the appointment in his car seat because surprise surprise, my husband ended up having to work. Otherwise, I'd have to reschedule. Which I didn't mind doing whatsoever. The woman confirming my appointment told me it wouldn't be a problem, so I'm thinking great. I really need this. I've been beyond stressed and exhausted. I have 2 other children and an 8 1/2 week old so I'd been looking forward to using my membership. This isn't my first time here, it isn't my first time getting a massage with massage luxe or facial and it certainly isn't my first time having a membership here. It was however, my first time being asked in the lobby of this location or anywhere for that matter and in front of another customer and another employee who'd just walked in and the therapist who'd be working on me if I'd had a vaginal birth/c-section and how old my baby was and had I been cleared by my doctor. Now I'm aware of the implications in receiving a massage in the immediate postpartum weeks after birth. Increased circulation, blood clots blah blah blah. I know this. And let me just preface this by stating, I am a brown woman. I was NOT dressed professionally. I am covered in tattoos, have piercings and my hair is violet right now. I am, however, a professional. In every sense of the word. I have never been more insulted or humiliated. The gross violation of my privacy(hello PHI) in the lobby of this establishment was unfounded. I FELT the microaggressions. So it's 20 minutes into my massage time, this woman took her time calling her manager to "make sure" I can bring my sleeping baby in the service, then questions me in the lobby. So I say to her, " you know I was told this was okay, it's evidently not so I will go ahead and cancel this appointment and my membership as well." I'm not going to be spoken down to at a place where I am paying to be at peace, find some calm, and relax. Even more so than that, this *receptionist* who is NOT a medical professional wrote in her notes about this interaction, that I came in with an "attitude" and that my baby was very clearly a newborn to imply that I was lying about his age and justify her actions. Both assumptions were in fact false and the fact is, this individual took it upon herself to decide this without any knowledge of the policy in her place of business. Made me extremely uncomfortable. And wasted the few hours of time I finally set aside for myself. I've never received this line of questioning here, and I've never been spoken to like this. Had they(the receptionist/therapist) read the screening documents required for the service which I filled out within their timeline, all of their questions would've been answered. You know, which is the ultimate purpose of these documents. Now the therapist did say he didn't mind the baby coming in, and it was ultimately up to the therapist if the baby was allowed to come in, but get this. Yes there's more, before all of this, this woman checks me in! THEN she tells me, but the baby can't go back in the service with you. ??? Like what are you asking me to do here? Leave him somewhere? You checked me in, you stated you checked me in. ???? 0/10 Do not recommend.

  • Marcus James
    May 2021

    Great massage. Tranquil atmosphere. Great staff and awesome time.

  • Nikki H
    Apr 2021

    Let me start this by saying, I have heard great things about MassageLuXe and I've even had one done at the location in Virginia Beach. For this location, we had a couples massage scheduled and confirmed, to later be called and told that the individuals who would be performing the massage felt uncomfortable doing that due to COVID. When asked why wasn't this information told to us, the manager stated that the site manager may not have been clear and that because she was the Regional Manager and wanted to provide clarity. She proceeded to attempt to accommodate; however, the times she wanted to give us were about 6 hours later and then we would have had to have staggered massages. Why have this option if you cannot do this? Needless to say, we're trying to go to the Va Beach Location, because this location is missing the bar.

  • Fran Gabriel
    Apr 2021

    Very relaxing, everyone is pleasant you may come in aching and stressed but you come out feeling free of life’s trouble.

  • Latonia Holmes
    Apr 2021

    Massage Luxe Chesapeake is amazing!!! We started our membership Pre-Covid and shortly after due to the pandemic were super flexible and understanding with giving us options on our membership to continue/cancel. There is never any pressure or up selling of their products or services. This makes the atmosphere genuine to me! Communication and scheduling is super easy with them, I’ve NEVER had a bad experience. Brett(our favorite massage therapist) is GREAT to say the very least...each massage is tailored and he is very in tune and engaged! You can tell her genuinely enjoys his craft! If you were considering visiting or starting a membership, I HIGHLY recommend MassageLuxe Chesapeake! Their level of Professionalism, Communication and Business practices in my opinion are Top Notch! I give them a 10 out of 10!!!

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