• Breann G.
    Aug 2021

    I loved this salon. Great customer service and prices are reasonable. I would recommend making an appointment because they are short staffed, but other than that I have no complaints.

  • Brayden Emerick
    Jul 2021

    George and Lisa are fantastic! They have very clean procedures, and I have not had a problem since coming to them. They have been my go to for the past four years.

  • Clark Brady
    Jul 2021

    It was ok. I had a pedicure. It was kinda rushed put in 20 minutes. I wont be back.

  • Beverley L. Grover
    May 2021

    Always very friendly and nails/ feet look good. And never a wait..

  • Linda Jinright
    May 2021

    The owner and staff are wonderful, Tina does my nails and she is great.

  • Realms Music Productions
    Apr 2021

    Geroge is fantastic!

  • Kim B.
    Mar 2021

    First time coming here on a recommendation from my son. Pedicure was great for gel polish (which I thought was $15 for hands and feet not 15 each) anyway pedicure was fantastic. Now onto the full set. I think the young lady must've been new. 1st the acrylic was so thick and crooked filing took well over an hour. She chewed 4 of fingers up with the Dremel tool making my cuticles bleed, finally she cut my thumb pushing back cuticle with emery board and trying to file. At this point I was like its fine let's just polish. I think she should stick to pedicures or fill in full set isn't her strong suit. If I had just gotten pedicure review would be 5 stars!

  • Asha Byrd
    Feb 2021

    Always have great service every time I come here. The workers are friendly and the place is always clean. And I never really have to wait. Highly recommend!

  • Kaitlin Jackman
    Feb 2021

    I wish I could give zero stars. I would not recommend going to this salon. There are plenty of good nail salons in Chesapeake, but unfortunately this is not one of them.I went here for the first time to have my acrylic nails removed and a new full set put on (I had gel polish on my existing acrylics that were done on vacation and wanted a different type for my new full set).Right away, it went down hill. I’ve had acrylics removed professionally plenty of times and she was not doing anything I was familiar with. Just using the handpiece with bur and picking away at them. On more than one occasion she applied too much pressure to the hand piece, digging into my nail bed and causing me to jump in my chair. After several times of this I had to make up an excuse as to why I didn’t want my nails redone anymore. I told her my nails were too “unhealthy” and I wanted to let them “breath” a little before putting on new acrylics, when in reality, I could tell she was completely incompetent and was not going to waste my money for her to mess up my nails.She continued removing my acrylics and when she finished, tried to apply new. I had to again tell her “no thank you, I just wanted the old ones taken of”. She says ok, and proceeds to file my natural nails, which I didn’t ask for, but didn’t stop her. Finally I’m ready to pay, I’ve only glanced at my nails and they are awful. Different lengths, inconsistent shape, but I wasn’t too concerned since at this point I just wanted to get the old acrylics off and get out of there. When I went to check out, the charged me for an actual manicure. Very annoying since this was not what I asked for, nor did I receive anything close to the quality of a manicure but whatever. I paid and left, knowing I would never go back. I got home and went to file my nails into a consistent shape and length, only to realize that all my nails STILL had a thin layer of acrylic left on them. I am just glad I listened to my instincts and got out of there because if they can’t even remove old acrylics, or file natural nails to a consistent shape and length, I don’t even want to know what new acrylics would have looked like! Don’t waste your money here, go literally anywhere else.

  • Ti Micken
    Feb 2021

    I pamper myself and get my nails done biweekly. As a result, I am a very loyal customer and enjoy frequenting the same nail salon/tech. My prior nail tech no longer worked in a salon so I visited this location in hopes to establish a great experience and possibly a new salon to frequently patronize.I visited this location 4 times in the last 2 months always going with a positive outlook. The nail salon is clean and in a good location . However, I have never felt more under appreciated as a customer. I have included (Not all) but a sampling of the mistreatment exhibited while there:The female owner quoting one price but increasing it when it was time to checkout without acknowledgement and when I asked about the price variance, she became irritated and defensiveThe female owner doesn’t normally greet you upon entering the business instead she will ask what are you getting done or (if the other two ladies are with clients) she will tell you to have a seat... it is rude for an owner not to greet those that are supporting her business addition she never volunteers to help ( I have been to other businesses where the owner will begin the process while you wait by helping with the polish removal or at least offer a beverage etc.) when the others are busy instead she is looking at magazines, tv, etc. and has minimal social interaction with the customersOffering bottles of water or tea to select customers which should be a consistent practice for all customersDue to the “female” owner’s pooooor customer service and lack of appreciation for customers who are “choosing” to support the business ,I will no longer pay for such poor customer service experiences . There are countless other nail salons ( which I found an amazing one nearby) that are willing to exemplify kindness, consistency in their treatment to all customers, good value for the service rendered and most of all GREAT customer service ! Afterall, CUSTOMER’s are what keep the business afloat!

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