• Deja Y.
    Nov 2021

    I went in for a french coffin nails and showed the nail tech a picture on my phone of how I wanted them done. Mind you I have been coming here for almost a year because I never had any problems prior to this, so he kept saying I did tell me what kind of coffin I wanted when I showed him a picture twice he said okay. I have worked in nail salons for years so I know the drill. He made them very clunky so no coffin shape at all more square. Then when I tried to show him picture again he kept arguing with me saying I didn't let him know what coffin shape I wanted. He then roughly grabs my hand and keeps saying I didn't let him know still arguing. So after he finishes filing it looks like coffin pointy nails again NOT what I asked for. Then he proceeds to drill my nail and drills to the point it starts burning and I snatched my hand away. Mind you he is still being rough. I am still being polite keeping my composure because like I said I had been coming here for almost a year. This guy sat in the back I don't know his name but I do NOT recommend coming here!!! After he finishes he goes to talk to manager and I'm standing at the front waiting to pay. I was still going to tip him even though he did A HORRID JOB! So he runs my card WITHOUT explaining each thing he up-charged me for and when you WORK AT A NAIL SALON YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LET THE CUSTOMER KNOW for example HEY GEL POLISH $10 more COFFIN SHAPE $5 extra GEL POWER $15. He told me nothing. He charged me $50 when I usually paid $30. I did not tip him. I had other errands so I didn't have time to argue with him. So I called while I was still parked outside the shop and said hello can I please speak to the henry manager. Mind you I am looking directly at the guy that did my nails and the manager is with a client sitting right in front of me through window! He then says on the phone manager is not here. I say I was just in there I'm looking at him right now. Its one thing TOO COMPLETELY LIE BUT IM LITERALLY SITTING IN MY CAR.! So he gives the phone to the younger girl that speaks english best in the shop I explained to her what happened she was like ok ok I'll tell him to call you back. So 10 min later the manager calls me back says I'm so sorry you come here all the time you come back and I will REFUND YOU $20! I said okay I will come back later when I have time. He knows me he usually does my nails and I'm pretty easy going...I always tip very well in fact. So I then go back up there later because I told him I would. And jenny which is the sweet lady that always does my eyebrows told me he went home for a little bit and she would let him know I came back. So this morning I go up there to get the refund that he told me that he would give me...he then looks at me like I'm crazy and like he doesn't know what I'm talking about...then I show him my ugly nails and he just looks at me and says I will do fill for you for $20. Thats not what he originally told me on the phone because why would you have me come back up here to do a fill when you called me back to get the REFUND THEN YOU NOT HERE WHEN I COME BACK UP THERE. Trash service!!! I always tip and I'm polite because I know its hard working in a nail salon because I used to for almost 8 years. I do not like when people try to get over on people and overcharge them because everyone doesn't know what the prices are and the different up-charges. And the fact that the manger did not correct his employee and didn't make him pay me back because he didn't want to come out his pocket IS TRASH. Trash customer service. And after he refused to pay me I just said I am never coming here again!! Save ur money and go to USA nails across the street at least they tell you the price for everything!

  • Lori Foy
    Nov 2021

    Joe was excellent. He noted my nails had air under them and took the time to get them right before fill in. Very friendly staff, reasonable prices, will definitely be a return customer

  • Deva Stith
    Nov 2021

    When I walked in today for the first time they were so friendly even provided a pillow for my back without me asking. Im 9 months pregnant and this is the first place that has ever did that and I have 4 children. My nails were so ugly from a previous salon and I was having such a bad day literally in tears but Kelly did such a great job I wanted to leave her a review. I'm so glad I went and now I have nail salon I can call home.. Thanks againService: Nail art

  • Beautiful Girl
    Sep 2021

    I love going there to get my nails done

  • Rachel D.
    Aug 2021

    Ahh... where to begin. Last week I was rushing to get my nails done for a wedding that was the following day. My go-to salon was booked. I came here based on Yelp reviews after an hour or so of searching. I called and a very nice girl answered the phone. I requested dip powder with an extension/tips. She said no problem, come in now. I arrived and realized that Henry, the one I've read many positive reviews on, would be doing my nails today. I was excited, picked my color and waited until he came to his station. I tell him what I want and he doesn't really say much. He begins grabbing 3 different dip colors. One neon purple, one lavender, and the glitter. I have had dip many times before so I figured he was going to layer them. I'm honestly not sure what he did. He started with the neon purple. Then proceeded to file all but a few specs of it off each nail. I found it odd but figured he knew what he was doing. Then he proceeded to dip my nails into the clear/purple-white glitter. He files that down and before I know it, he put the top coat on!! It made zero sense. My nails were so thick and uneven, and the gel even had parts that were raised up as if the glitter was misplaced. I honestly could've done a better job with my eyes closed. It looked awful. Did I mention that he had me sit with my hands/arms crisscross the entire time? And he wouldn't speak to me and ask that I move my hand so he could work on the other, he tapped the top of my hand. Like what?! Why do you think that is ok? I get not wanting to interact with your client but he had no problem greeting some of his regular clients. I usually tip at least 20% but when he asked if I was happy, I said I mean it doesn't look like what I asked for. He shrugged and went to the counter to get my payment. I honestly didn't even want to sit any longer and have someone continue to be abrasive towards me. He has a horrible attitude. Hopefully he was just having an "off" day. I won't be back to know the answer.

  • Nia Hill
    Jun 2021

    This is my first time coming and boy am I in love ? Jennie was so sweet and took care of me I have NEVER had my feet done this good I will forever come here I have not found anyone to do my feet this good she is amazing and so sweet if I could leave 10 stars I would ❤️❤️

  • dave madden
    Jun 2021

    Very clean. Amazing job on my nails. Jenny was fantastic. My feet needed to be cleaned up and she did a great job.

  • Tierney Garris
    May 2021

    Jenni is amazing, friendly and very professional! She always provides outstanding service and goes above and beyond for her customers! :-)John is amazing as well!

  • Chrissy Huffman
    May 2021

    We love this place! Jennie and John are simply wonderful! They take their time and never disappoint.

  • Ashley Dahlstrom
    May 2021

    I used to love this place and have great experiences, today I went and it was embarrassing. The nail tech I got made so many negative comments about my nails, the shape, the fact I had a small blood blister under one. She got upset the way I was holding my hand, the way I had my hand in the UV light, and kept asking me to not move when I was really trying not to. Then I made the mistake of asking to get my eyebrows waxed which I have done many times before. She asked me if I was medication I said no, she’s like oh you have a spot and pointed to her eyebrow. I’m like yea it’s just a dry patch it’s ok. She took me in the room, went out, came back in, said I can’t wax cause of that spot sorry. Apparently she told the other techs this also because every one of them stared at me when I walked out. Absolutely humiliating

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