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  • Tom Phillips
    Jun 2022

    Amazing, if you are looking to get a tattoo, look no further! The quality and quantity of tattoo designs and works are displayed along each and every wall. The staff, is friendly and truly wants to make you a part of the family!Service: Tattoos

  • Peggy Castellanos
    Jun 2022

    Been tattooed by 3 of the guys here let me just say they are hands down the best in the area!!Professional, creative and knowledgeable. My go to spot for all my tattoos

  • Crew Live
    Apr 2022

    The website stated that they accept walk ins.The young man who was working the front desk, it a bad representation of this business.I went in there for a cover up on a partial tattoo, he tells me that I am unable to get it.It’s bad for business when you have workers representing your company that is unable to see the same vision that the customer see.I will never go here, nor will I recommend the business. (You never know who one encounter, one should always treat others with respect.)And he laughed at me said that I can just wear pants to cover up my tattoo, the ones that I was trying to get it covered up.

  • Nathanael Young
    Feb 2022

    Chris is a phenomenal artist and a true master of his craft. I couldn't be more pleased with his work and when the financial stars align I will return for more. I get compliments on my artwork everywhere I go. My pics surely do not do this piece justice. Also the owners is a wonderful conversationalist.

  • Doreen Chapman
    Jan 2022

    The staff was amazing. Super clean. Did more than I expected. I was a walk in and they took me right away. Made suggestions and I am just thrilled with my amazing dragonfly. Thank you so so much! My artist was so nice and the atmosphere was calming.Service: Tattoos

  • Jonathan VanderMey
    Jan 2022

    Electro Magnetic is the only tattoo shop you should go to in the area. Historical and beautiful shop, well-respected artists who are pillars in the international tattoo community, amazing staff, great prices, clean, friendly, and rock solid.Service: Tattoos

  • Dakarai Crowder
    Oct 2021

    Chris is phenomenal, he’s done a couple really solid pieces for me, love his work, the energy he puts out. He’s definitely my artistic choice. Each time I come in the shop vibe is awesome, I’ll definitely be back for more plus I brought my fiancé to get her first Tattoo and Steve was amazing as well super sweet and made her experience extremely pleasant as a Body Piercer also in the area they give of the same positive vibe that I aim for, 10/10 would and will recommend to any and everybodyService: Tattoos

  • Amber Outland
    Oct 2021

    I went a week ago very nervous to get my very first tattoo and Steve was my artist. He was so patient, making sure I knew exactly what was going on and how the process worked including how to properly care for it afterwards. Today I returned and had a tattoo done by Adam, who I believe was a guest artist. He was absolutely amazing. Both tattoos look better than I imagined. Once I get an idea in my head on what to do with the rest of my sleeve, I will be back to this shop. I would recommend anyone go here for clean work and a great atmosphere. Oh also to add, Annette was walking around and making sure everyone was doing ok, artiste included. A small, yet appreciated gesture.Service: Tattoos

  • trinity roberts
    Aug 2021

    Truth be told I absolutely love the artists that work within this shop but it does bring a damper on my mood/overall experience when the young man that works the front isnt the nicest. i’ve been in multiple times over the past year or so and he’s never exactly been the most “customer friendly” and that includes on the phone as well. Overall a very minor issue I just think it’s something to take into consideration when interacting with potential customers.edit:Thank you for responding to my review and yes I do understand the trials and tribulations of customer service as i’ve worked in customer service my entire life and when a customer is being unreasonable or a “karen” it’s understandable. but when any one around my age tells me about their experience at this shop everything about their experience is absolutely wonderful EXCEPT their interactions with that young man. so yes it is a “minor issue” but it becomes a bigger one once it’s regular occurrence. I understand the day I left my review it was friday the 13th, so understandably a pretty busy day for tattoo shops but any other time or day i’ve been into the shop my experience with him has never been pleasant and that goes for any other younger person (18-20) that has gone into electromagnetic that i’ve spoken to. they love everything else about the place but didnt love being greeted with an entitled attitude from a boy who is literally around our age. truth be told i’ve never been anything but polite to anyone there and that goes for any other person who has had a similar experience as me, so at that point maybe focus on his customer service skills when training him because it’s not JUST me having this issue with this shop and it’s not JUST on friday the 13th that he’s been rude to me and other people I know, it’s been anytime i’ve called or came in so maybe not so much a “minor issue” at this point in time. Honestly pretty surprised his attitude isn’t mentioned in more reviews considering every single person i’ve spoken to about it has had the same thing ??‍♀️.Service: Tattoos

  • Erin Wilson
    Aug 2021

    I got my first tattoo back in 2019 by Chris and he was super awesome. Very kind and made me feel super relaxed. I just recently got another one by Annette and she was just as great. I really love this shop. They are all super friendly. I walked in and felt very welcomed and got exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be be back soon! Thank you guys for being so awesome.Service: Tattoos

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