• Michael G.
    May 2021

    I use this this Macs a couple times per week generally just to pick up my Dad a quick bite with a shake. The McChicken is always hot, the shake always tasty. What they do best is deliver not just an inexpensive product but they do it always with a pleasant tone when taking the order a smile when collecting the $$ and a "have a nice day" before I drive away. I've worked in quick service for over 25 years and this location gets IT! There are many many many locations of your brand and plenty more of other brands. You do it right and well. Thank you MIKE G

  • Jacob O.
    Mar 2021

    This is by far the worst McDonald's I have ever been to, rude employees and managers. Every time I have ever gone, I check my receipt and check my bag before I leave. Something is always missing from my order and/or is wrong. The last time I went recently I ordered the spicy nuggets, asked for ranch dressing. I looked into my bag like usual and BAM no ranch. I parked my truck and went inside with my bag and receipt. Asked for the manager and she told me "sir I put the ranch in your bag, I can't give you extra" so I then opened my bag up and laid out what's in the bag. NO ranch!!! Lady was lying to me to my face! I said this is Bulls*** and I want my ranch now! She rudely rolled her eyes at me and tossed ranch into my bag and walked away to then start talking crap to her own employees!!! A manager... so unprofessional and will be the last time I go back to McDonald's. PS. Sweet tea is never sweet. (Also I know this is a first world problem but fix your act McDonald's. You used to be Mcdanks now your Mclame..)

  • Kelsey S.
    Aug 2020

    Usually don't leave reviews because I work in the restaurant business but I went here after a 12 hour shift waited forever for my food and the girl with colored hair slammed the window when I told her thank you. Not coming here anymore

  • Raylynn D.
    Apr 2020

    I ordered a sausage biscuit sandwich for my breakfast this morning and this is what I got. A burnt hamburger patty with onions on a biscuit....who even does this?! So gross

  • Kaitlin E.
    Sep 2019

    $5 grilled artisan chicken sandwich was served to me burnt (completely black), with no tomato, and rotten lettuce. They said they ran out of tomato. It tasted like crap. They had no other customers so it's not like they were too busy to notice they were serving, burn and rotten food.

  • Madison M.
    Aug 2019

    This is the worst mcdonald's to be in this area. Every time i've been here the employees have a great deal of attitude, they're so slow, and they just don't care about their jobs. these people need to get their acts together. have some decency and actually greet customers and not roll your eyes for once

  • D.j. W.
    Aug 2019

    Usually avoid McDonald's like the plague but my kids insisted. Woman at the window had the nastiest look on her face the entire time I was there waiting for my food. They then omitted half of my food order with attitude. Unfortunately didn't catch it until I got home. Would love to comment on their chicken tenders but I didn't receive them.

  • Taylor J.
    Jun 2019

    Very nice McDonalds! The drive thru person is always kind and they move at a very decent pace. I'm big on not having to come back because my fries are cold and I have never had this problem with them. Best McDonalds in the area.

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