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  • brenda savage
    Jan 2022

    I was worked in after a crown had come off so of course it was recommended I get a new crown!After the crown I had A lot of sensitivity to that tooth which I did not have before. After getting my teeth cleaned a dentist sent someone in while I was in the chair and said that Dentist had time to pull that tooth that I just got the crown on! I said no thanks and knew it was time to get a new dentist! When I called about a credit to be mailed to me from months before the office manager talked me into coming back to see the original dentist that had done the crown! Shame on me! The next recommendation was root canal and he could not find One of the roots after drilling through the crown! When checking out they recommended 2 crowns!Needless to say I never went back! I found Dr. B and Oakwood Endodontics that retreated the uncompleted root canal and also did another and save 2 teeth that would have been pulled here! Always get a second opinion Dentist are no different than Other Doctors there are good ones and ones that want to make money!

  • Tony Befi
    Jan 2022

    Dr Fogarty is an excellent dentist with a gentle, caring, and friendly approach.

  • MA LM
    Dec 2021

    Dr Bez is truly one in a million! He radiates compassion, honesty, humility and sincere kind ness. Not to mention professionalism. I have referred my extended family and friends and all are in awe of his value added personalized service. Thank you Dr Bez

  • Karen Rypkema
    Dec 2021

    Thanks for scheduling to quickly. Great staff and dental professionals.

  • Cheryl Small
    Nov 2021

    My first time using the Round Rock Dental Group, from the person on the phone to the visit with the dentist this team was kind, professional & courteous. The energy in the office was welcoming and I had a great experience. Would recommend and will be back.

  • Kateri W
    Nov 2021

    Lacey was very gentle and understanding. What I thought was going to be a bad day at the dentist turned out to be okay.

  • Gino Reza
    Oct 2021

    The doctor and hygienist were excellent. As someone who gets anxious about having to go to the dentist, I almost look forward to going again.

  • LegoBlok J
    Oct 2021

    Had an appointment with Dr. Bez, and it went great! I haven’t been taking 100% care of my teeth, but he was super nice, and gave me pointers on everything that I needed to work on. Definitely recommend ?

  • Pamela Carlson
    Sep 2021

    I had my teeth cleaned by Lorena this morning. She was friendly, thorough, informative, and very patient when my anxiety interrupted. I could not believe how great my teeth felt after she was done. I was super happy with the job she did. My teeth have never ever felt this good, and I go twice a year, every year! She said my compliment made her day, but her attention and effort made mine. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family!My apologies if I misspelled her name.

  • Jason Lassiter
    Sep 2021

    The entire team here was excellent, check-in , the tech who did my x rays, the Dentist and the hygenist were all professional and very personalble. I am not a huge fan of going to a dentist , however this team made it comfortable and easy.

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