• Jo J.
    Nov 2021

    Great service. But I just moved to Irving and have been trying to find a nail salon worth my money. They are so worth it. I got whatever the most expensive mani/pedi was and it was lovely. They pay attention and don't rush. Very talented.

  • Cenite G.
    Nov 2021

    Surprisingly good price for a set - that is if you like trash. Great looking place but the staff seemed kinda rude, and of course my nails look low key like trash. Went there for acrylic with gel, the nails don't look too bad far-away but up close you can see the edges don't meet my cuticles and they didn't do a good job of filing down the underside and they also left product on some of my fingers.

  • Lucy P.
    Nov 2021

    If you are looking for a new tech, look no further! Will has been my nail tech for the last few months and he's been an absolute doll! He is a perfectionist and takes his time with me. I never feel rushed or like just another number! He constantly makes sure I am enjoying my experience every single time I go in to see him! Ladies, I promise you he is worth the wait or make an appt with him for no wait!

  • Zered L.
    Oct 2021

    I was a walk-in so I was mentally prepared to wait. It was about 30 mns in the waiting area. Then, because I wanted ombré i had to wait another 20 mns for the tech that "knows how to do that style". Right away I noticed shes doing a reversed ombre with out asking if that's what i like ( I have to mention i was getting a refill). As she's doing the first nail I tell her thats not the way I preferred them, she explained that because is a refill but with the little that i know i asked if it could please be done with nail polish instead of the acrylic. May be she did not understand me and just said yes as she continued. As she's finishing the second nail i had to excuse my self as I didn't like it. I showed a picture of another more simple design. The orange is brighter than what i asked for but i didn't want to keep complaining. I really contemplated to just pay and leave half way done. Again, i didn't want to be rude. Not happy.

  • Jessica
    Oct 2021

    I love this nail salon! Great work and the place is very nice and relaxing! Pay attention to your bill though. They've tried to overcharge me twice. I've gone there like 15 times.

  • Diereka McDow
    Oct 2021

    Absolutely amazing!! My first time there,They were a little busy but I was able to get sat immediately. I showed a picture of what I wanted and Amy copied it to perfection. Amazing customer service also!!

  • Jasmine Lucas
    Oct 2021

    The facility was beautiful and staff were lovely. They were busy when I arrived and since I didn’t have an appointment I was willing to wait. That being said, I felt rushed and left paying for the “laziest” manicure of my life. I asked for a basic manicure with dip up-charge . I was soaking in cold acetone for about thirty minutes to remove previous set, the nail tech did not bother to provide cuticle care or even file my nails. The nail tech would work on one hand, leave to care for another customer, and return to me. I wouldn’t have minded being turned away because they were busy. I feel like I paid for POS service.Services: Manicures

  • Elizabeth Vera
    Oct 2021

    I walked in only needing gel removal and nail polish for a pedicure and the receptionist was very sweet but the guy standing next to her forgot the name but she asked if he could do my pedicure and he literally whined like a little kid because he did not want to do it LOL he swears I could not hear him. She asked me if I wanted my nails I said no not today because they are healing from getting acrylics done and he shook his head no no no because I guess if he was going to do my nails it had to be nails and toes. But he did not have to throw a fit like a kid ?Thank you Courtney for doing my nails I love them.Services: Foot massage

  • K Walt
    Oct 2021

    If you want your cuticles and hang nails trimmed for the manicure you have to ask. It’s only $5 extra. I think they should just up all the manicure prices by $5 and include this as it’s always standard everywhere I’ve ever been. I think some of the people writing bad reviews didn’t realize this. Overall I’m happy with the results.

  • Chanel M.
    Oct 2021

    Visiting from out of town and was told the pedicures were amazing . I got Kevin for my feet and yes he was amazing! I got the milk and honey pedi, Kevin was amazing he rubbed my legs and feet so good I fell asleep. I will definitely come back for Kevin Reason I gave three stars is because Kevin was amazing but my nail tech Michelle was sweet but my nails look terrible. I had a set already on that looked amazing I decided to get a full and omg here we go!!!!! First off my acrylic and the acrylic they used didn't match and Michelle knew that but the other nail tech next to her said it was close ummmm no it's not I literally have a pink undertone and her application was horrible. I thought once filed and drilled they would look better and I kind could tell they looked better after she did all that . Moving to the paint oh it's horrible and I see lumps and unevenly acrylic it's not smooth nor pretty! $133 to pay for some nails I don't like and now I'm gonna take them off and have to start over when I get home. I should have just kept what I had. Overall the nail salon is beautiful and the customer service was good on walking in and being offered drinks and getting the hot neck wrap was amazing. I will go back and see Kevin for my pedicure and nails next go round.

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