• Andrea Garcia
    Jan 2022

    I loved this place at first i went about 3 times the last time i went i got a pedicure the lady took out an ingrown nail and my toe got infected bad its been over a month i have done everything but my toe will not cure i called the place 3 days after my pedicure all they could tell me was why did you just call today not the day of your pedicure i was really disappointed PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE I DO NOT RECOMMEND i would include pictures but my toe looks so bad i will have to go to a doctor now. ?????? also the lady kept squeezing my toe when i kept telling her it hurt and i had cuts and she was putting alcohol on my toes Without even caring worst service will never come back to this place ever again .

  • Sonya Ellington
    Dec 2021

    I received service, getting a full set and less than a week one of my nail pop off. I notice i had fungus underneath, Removing all the nails I notice most of them had fungus underneath. I provided a picture below. My first time going and my last time. I'm so disappointed ?.

  • Sharonda Adams
    Dec 2021

    I have been going to Diamond Nails and Spa since they open and that is a year now and I love the politeness and hospitality and they are so nice and generous in their...I love Ann that is my nail tech and she works around my work schedule...I rate them a 5 Star

  • Jastinee Xiong
    Nov 2021

    Short: The techs were nice, but felt really rushed despite it not being all that busy. Not the best skilled around. Very sloppy job with my toe nails. Too heavy handed on my fingernails. Needs more love put into the craft.Long: I got a pedicure and color dip + tips. They immediately sat me, and started the pedicure. I was given the color dip swatches and the other tech began to prep my nails. I take a while to make decisions, and picking my nail color was no different. So, it was pretty inconvenient having to reach over for the tech to prep my nails while flipping through the swatches, even more so when the tips were applied. Then my pedicure was done and I was given those swatches to look over as well, which then made me feel even more pressured to pick a color since I was still deciding my fingernail color (I would have definitely chosen quicker if I had two hands to flip through them!)The tech doing my fingernails was too heavy handed when prepping my nails. I didn't realize it when I got them done, but after taking them off, my nails are a lot more sensitive now because of how much she shaved down, which I've never had happen at any other salon I got color dip at. Her technique wasn't the best, so my nails came out thick and kind of uneven. There was a nail that she didn't fully cover to the nail bed too, which I had her cover up with glitter as my accent nail. My only complaint about the pedicure is how sloppy they were painted. From afar, they look fine, but closer up, you can clearly see my natural nails on the edges.Overall, it just felt like I was being pushed in and out. Kind of like when you're at a fast food drive-thru. I couldn't relax and enjoy my stay because I had to occupy myself by awkwardly flipping through the swatches, where at other salons, I would be given time to decide my nail colors before they started working on me. With how sloppy and rushed the jobs were, it just feels like there's no care into the work they do.

  • Ayleen De leon
    Oct 2021

    PLEASE READ! Today was my second time coming here and I was so disappointed. The pink nails were my first set, they lasted more than a month, I was so happy with the results that day. the young lady that I got was so nice, showed me swatches of my acrylic powder that I got and She was super careful when she used the drill. Unfortunately she wasn’t here today so They took me to another lady. She was so rude and aggressive, she was rushing me to pick my color choice of nails. And after she got the power she didn’t show me swatches to know the color.. she was so aggressive when filing, buffing and when using the drill which caused me to bleed. She was also pinching my skin back which hurt so much. She also filed my middle finger on my right hand too much and it looks way shorter than my other nails. As shown in the pictures she didn’t clean the brush completely with got the glitter from my index finger to my thumb finger when applying. I felt so rushed and pressured…I was so disappointed when I looked at my nails.. I will not be coming back.Service: Acrylic nails

  • melanie king
    Oct 2021

    NEVER again! took my daughter to get a full set and pedi…got sat in a pedi chair only to wait soaking for over 30 minutes…finally got the sorriest pedi ever in life that lasted 15 minutes, at best. we even opted out of polish all together on our toes so we could hurry up and leave. VERY limited dip selection so I just opted to soak my nails off and get my nails done where I typically go. waisted a whole hour and a half for $50

  • Ana Juarez
    Oct 2021

    This place is very clean and this was my second time there it was an ok Service the first time was a lot better.... but I will be back

  • Carolyn Santiago
    Oct 2021

    I got dip nails done here and the quality is terrible! First, I asked her to cut my nails shorter and she cut my nails to various uneven lengths. Then she made my nails wayyyy too square - I even asked her to make them less square but she barely filed them. Then she did the final coat wrong because i left and noticed a smear on the top so I had to go back. And to top it off, ONE DAY later they cracked!!! This was supposed to last me weeks a not a day! Never coming back here again. Now i need to spend time and money getting these redone. My dip nails from Top Nails in Cedar Hill lasted me 5 weeks. I’ll be going there to get these fixed.Service: Dip powder

  • Michelle Kurtzhals
    Sep 2021

    First and last visit, I came in wanting to get gel on my nails because my nails are thin and I've tried very hard to grow them out, I also rarely do my nails so if I am getting them done it's because I have somewhere important to go. When they lady began I saw she had powder and told her I wanted gel, yet she continued when I was obviously hesitant. Then I asked for oval shape and at the end they were squared and all different lengths. When I got my toes they kept trying to push a color I didnt want because they didn't have a light pink, so I said to just do clear. Overall, terrible experience now I'm at another salon trying to get the powder removed. Wasted my time and my money.Services: Pedicures

  • Monica Nuno
    Sep 2021

    They treat me very politely. You feel very welcome, they even served me a drink, and fix my eyelash nicely when notice it wasn't glue all the way.

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