• Ellen Stupak
    Oct 2021

    Dr. Matthew Lieber provides a professional environment in which he gives exceptional and heart-centered care to his patients. I have been a patient of Dr. Lieber’s for many years and he has provided excellent care in helping in recovery of hip, neck and foot discomforts over the years. Recently I had planters fasciitis and heel spur which were very painful and debilitating to my active lifestyle. Through several sessions of deep tissue work and exercises he provided what was needed to bring me into full recovery of both issues. I would highly recommend him for this and other issues you may be having that can benefit from chiropractic intervention.

  • Eric Cutter
    Aug 2020

    You won’t find a better chiropractor. Anywhere.Unlike so many other chiropractors who are just interested in collecting insurance payments, Matthew is truly passionate about helping people feel better. Having studied both engineering and chiropractic, he has a unique ability to understand why you are in pain and he treats the cause, not just the discomfort. Instead of spending 10 minutes with a patient per visit, Matthew spends as much time as it takes to address the issue(s), and I’ve had visits last as long as 45 minutes. I’ve been a patient of Matthew’s for 15 years and it seldom takes him more than 1 or 2 visits to have me feeling 100%. I typically see him every few months as new injuries/pains occur and he is usually able to tell where I’m hurting simply by looking at the way I am walking. He is truly gifted as a healer.

  • Lynn Desrochers
    Jun 2020

    I have gone to chiropractors for 50 years and in many states. Dr. Lieber is the best. With my years of experience in chiropractic care, I see that he has the knowledge and expertise to take care of my body and nurse it back to it’s best shape. I feel I am in good hands.

  • Julie Rita-Di Pietro
    May 2020

    Very knowledgeable, professional, and can be trusted to care for your health.

  • Bryan Ianni
    Apr 2020

    Dr Lieber has been one of my primary health care providers for over 20 years. He was instrumental in identifying my knee issues before scans and X-rays confirmed bone spurs that needed to be removed so that I could walk and exercise without pain. It is through his continued professional care and coaching that I'm able to live a fuller life.

  • Christine Colucci
    Jan 2020

    There was a time when I thought my head and neck pain would always be a part of my life. But, Dr. Lieber would not give up on trying to find the cause of and treat my pain. As two close friends have done for me, I recommend Dr. Lieber to anyone who is looking for a caring, conscientious chiropractor, because I know he is THE BEST person to help them. Now, I know Dr. Lieber will always be a part of my health care regime.

  • Marybeth Doctor
    Dec 2019

    I used to have migraines and terrible headaches that lasted for days. After just a few sessions with Dr. Lieber, I’ve been headache- free for months. I feel so much better! Over the years, I missed out on so many things because I was in so much pain. It’s been amazing to not have my headaches interfere with my life anymore.

  • Maureen Kelly
    Aug 2019

    I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lieber. Many years ago I went to see him about recurring lower back pain and spasms. His excellent treatments gave me relief from severe pain and the spasms have never returned. Since that time I have received care for other injuries, most recently hip pain, which in less than 2 months is completely gone. Dr. Lieber is an expert at diagnosis and his combination of adjustments and an individualized exercise program have helped me stay well for many years. He will go above and beyond to find the very best treatment for you. You will not find a better chiropractor and caregiver.

  • Venkat Ramaprasad
    Aug 2019

    I came to Dr. Lieber 3 months ago. I was back into the full swing of my fitness routine, when, one day, I developed some back pain. I felt it when walking, going up and down stairs, and it really affected my mood. My mother is a patient of Dr. Lieber, and she recommended him. She reached out, and within 24 hours I had an appointment for 2 days later. I walked into the office, thinking I had a lower back problem that would be rectified with an adjustment. I explained my symptoms and story, and it was there that Dr. Lieber set himself apart from other doctors I had seen about my back problems.He shared with me his philosophical underpinnings to treating patients, and the key notion of interconnected systems within the body. Thus, rather than examine the one area of complaint, he completed his initial evaluation where I even stood up and performed several movements. Within 20 minutes Dr. Lieber informed me that I did not have a back problem, I had a hip problem. A hip problem!? A hip problem. I've been seeing him weekly for the past 3 months. I had to be careful when walking before, and now I'm fully back into my fitness routine and playing soccer 3x a week - something I thought impossible 3 months ago. One the one hand, I must also make clear that Dr. Lieber did not give me a magic prescription and, voilà, I'm all better. I have been doing the incrementalized exercises that Dr. Lieber has prescribed for for 2-3 hours a day, everyday, for these three months.On the other hand, however, it is because of Dr. Lieber, and his approach to medicine and patient care, that I am where I am today. Other doctors may have given me an injection and told me to be on my way. Would that have gotten me back to my exercise? Yes. Would I have probably injured myself worse shortly thereafter? I’m wililing to bet yes. He carefully explains what he is looking for and how my daily behaviors/actions may work both with and against my discomfort. He actively listens and encourages you as he gets to know you and your personality. What I cannot stress enough is the notion of care. At Dr. Lieber’s office, I feel cared for – a care that I had not encountered in my experiences with other doctors. You are a human being, not a data point that generates income. Through his continued treatment, I hope to move continue the treatment of my upper back and shoulders as there will be no need to examine my hip. Can't recommend him enough. If you have any issues, give Denise a call at Dr. Lieber's office to get yourself on the correct pathway to healing.

  • Amy J. Bromberg
    Feb 2019

    Matthew is a gifted and intuitive chiropractor, a man you can trust with not only your body but with your children. Our daughters were under his care from a young age and are healthier and more aware of their bodies as young adults because of his care.

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