• John Gladwell
    Sep 2021

    Ive been to many chiropractors for years now , Dr Kita is in a league of his own . He does NOT twist and crack you !! He uses a very light impact adjustment tool while you're standing up ! I must admit that i didn't think much had happened after my first visit . Then i got home and rested on it , WOW . I woke up and felt like i had slept for 12 hours !! Fully rested and refreshed !! And it had only been a 1 hour and 10 min nap !! The adjustment you receive is on many levels . To get the full benefit make sure you've got time to rest afterward. I would definitely recommend him to others and in fact already HAVE about 6 times ! So far . If this resonates with you , give him a try ! You'll be happy that you did ! A very happy and adjusted , john

  • Lauren Ashley
    Jul 2021

    Dr. Kita is incredible! He has helped me so much, not only with physical issues but mentally and spiritually. You will not be disappointed!!

  • Heather Friend
    Jun 2021

    Dr.Kita is an AMAZING healer. He has made a huge difference for both myself and my husband. We have experienced pain relief and increased mobility. He is also a phenomenal life mentor. Since becoming Dr. Kita's patient, my quality of life has vastly improved. I highly recommend him.

  • Lisa Eden
    Jun 2021

    Dr Kita is an amazing doctor and one I know I can trust. Highly recommend him to everyone.

  • Jennifer Zadnik
    May 2021

    Dr. Kita is the best!!!!! He and his amazing healing power has helped me through many things.There have been numerous times he has adjusted me to make me feel better. While I was pregnant he helped with my carpal tunnel in my wrists. His calm demeanor and wisdom in reading his patients is like no other!! I would highly recommend Dr. Kita to everyone!!!

  • sal ranniello
    Apr 2021

    I have gone to Dr. Kita since he opened up in Morrisville. At that time, I was an active rugby player who had some back issues. With his gentle manipulation he essentially put me back together the correct way. My body had taken years of abuse playing contact sports. As the years went on, I transitioned into competing in triathlons. Dr. Kita “kept me in line” and allowed me to train to the best of my ability. You will not find a better chiropractor around. I fully believe in his approach and technique.

  • Eric Schnell
    Apr 2021

    Dr. Kita is a one of a kind chiropractor and probably one of the most gifted healers I’ve been able to meet anywhere in the Philadelphia area. My son pulled a muscle in his back from a fall and the first thing we did was go to see Dr. Kita. Fixed in the very first visit! Txs Dr. Kita!!!

  • Terry Engelmann
    Oct 2020

    I have known Dr Kita for many years. He is an excellent chiropractor and an amazing human being. He looks at the whole person from a holistic standpoint and not our separated parts. He treats his patients from an intuitive gift that he possesses and can therefore understand the true source of the pain. I would recommend Dr Kita for anyone searching for chiropractic services.

  • Robert Wrazen
    Aug 2020

    I have been a patient of Dr Kita for over 6 years. His unique gentile method of treatment has resolved the pain in my back and neck. His intuitive approach goes after the source of the pain and does not just address the symptoms alone. He works with multiple levels of your being. The physical, emotional and spiritual levels are all addressed as needed. I would highly recommend his services no matter what your ailment is.

  • Patti H
    Aug 2020

    I've been a patient of Dr. Kita for 20 +years. Dr. Kita also treats my 2 daughters and my husband. He has an intuitive healing technique combined with a non-cracking adjustment that brings about a body transformation. He treats the whole person; emotionally, spiritually, physically. If you're ready to find and treat the source of your pain, mental/educational block, and continue living your best life, go see Dr. Kita.

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