• Peyton McLendon
    Nov 2021

    Always have a great experience with Rachel! So professional & very attentive to my requests!

  • Joe A.
    Aug 2021

    I needed a haircut very bad. I looked online to see what time they closed and it said 5:00. I thought good, I have plenty of time to get there and get it cut. I arrived at 4:25 and was told they were closed. I said well it says y'all close at 5:00 online. She said well we stop taking people at 4:00. Grant it there was no one waiting and one person in the middle of a haircut. I figured surely one of the other barbers that was not doing anything would have plenty of time to cut my hair but nope. All in all this isn't a bad Supercuts bc I've been here before. The one guy has cut my hair bf and did a good job and is very nice. All I am trying to say is get there before 4 and not 5. They should state they are open until 5:00 but stop taking people at 4:00 so people like me don't haul ass up there for no damn reason at all. Very frustrating! Oh I am also now waiting for a haircut at sports clips right down the road. They were happy to take me walking in at 4:40.

  • streekn
    Jul 2021

    I've used this place more times than I can count. They usually do a great job. But, I recently got a haircut only to realize they only cut one side of my head. My hair is pretty short as it is so it wasn't very noticeable. But once I got out of the shower I could really tell, as one side is noticeably shorter than the other. I guess I got caught up in the conversation and didn't notice they didn't get the other side.

  • Daniel Thrash
    Jun 2021

    This is by far my favorite place to get a haircut. The people are friendly and they do an incredible job considering my hair sucks, each and every time. The prices are reasonable! My only complaint is, it can be hard to get a haircut because of either covid or their popularity. I’ve tried three times to get a haircut and wasn’t able to get in. They still deserve five stars in my book!

  • Delta West
    Jun 2021

    Who ever the employee was in the place today told my woman that she will call her when she is in the parking lot. So my lady advised that she was in the parking lot already. So the employee advised it will be a few minutes. So after an hour of waiting, my lady tried call but the line was busy. So my lady went to the door of Supercuts and saw that the employee was bleaching her own hair and the shop was empty. Therefore we left.

  • Tim Steele
    Jun 2021

    Tried to get a haircut. Sign says closes at 4:00 PM. Walked in at 3:30 PM. Four stylists looked at me then looked away. Two minutes later, standing at the the register, a stylist tells me they are not talking anymore clients today.

  • Sandra Fant
    Apr 2021

    Rachel gave me a good hair cut yesterday! Mask up! No mask, no service. Salon was pleasant and I enjoyed talking with Rachel. I will be back!

  • Bonnie S
    Apr 2021

    Thank you Rachael! Had a great experience and so happy with my haircut! Definitely recommend coming here!

  • Margo Matthews
    Mar 2021

    Great people,great attitude and I recommend them

  • A “Shelly”
    Feb 2021

    Jacob is an excellent hair stylist. I love the way he cut my husband's hair

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