• Kristy
    Jun 2021

    The people are very nice there and the place has very good vibes! It was clean and professional and I would definitely go back again and I would definitely recommend them for piercings as I haven't yet got tattoos there but I love the piercings I got done!

  • Amanda “AmanDUHH” Bezik
    Jun 2021

    Good shop, go there specifically for piercings. The piercer, Jay, is super dope and knows what he's doing. Definitely would recommend.

  • mikaela Vega
    Jun 2021

    Tattooed tears is always has always been a great place where all artists are professional and great piercings too. He gives you a radiant line deep color and great customer service. Very pleased ? and can't wait to finish my piece. Once the taino Sun is in... and this coqui and color is added it'll tell a story. ❤ Thanks.

  • Isabelle F.
    Jun 2021

    Let me just start off by saying I have NEVER reviewed a place before even when I didn't like something because I never wanted to hurt the business but I just feel like I have to just to warn the next. A week ago I went in to get my daughters full name tattooed on my spine and the artist who I'm not going to name asked me to spell her name out and I did and he said he would look up some fonts so I can choose from it because my phone was dying so I couldn't look specific type of fonts up but I did show a picture before my phone died and I'll put the picture that I wanted versus what I got for reference. I saw him printing out a paper with a bunch of fonts but when it came time he just cut out a certain font and put it on the glass and he would just keep saying "I'm gonna make it bigger because it's gonna look nicer" so I never got to look/choose a font but since I have 10 other tattoos I respect tattoo artists opinion and If he just handed me that one I automatically thought that was his strong point so I just let that slide and I would never think there was any error with what I had already written down on paper correctly for him to look at. So after he called me into the room he just simply put it on my back didn't ask me if it was big/small or what I wanted and instructed me to sit down to start. After we were done he again didn't care to show me the tattoo and just said you're all done and escorted me to pay and I only got to "look" at the tattoo in the bathroom but the lights were so dim that I didn't get to look at it correctly especially because it was on my back and that was it. When I got home I went to show my boyfriend and he said "why is her name spelled wrong" and my heart literally dropped to the floor because never in 1,000,000 years would I think that after me spelling her name out correctly for him he would proceed to write it down wrong and print it out wrong and tattoo it on my back for the rest of my life. And I know some are going to say why didn't you just look at it or make sure it was correct and my answer to that is after you write something correctly you would never expect that person to write it down wrong specially because my daughters name is so basic I would never expect to have to double check after I gave him the right name with the right spelling also I just felt like he was rushing to just get me tattooed and get me out of there so I didn't even have time to really look at everything. Like my daughters name is literally Nicole sooo basic and the artist did "Nichole" like I didn't even know that was a name until now. Just be careful and double triple check whenever you go to this place because not only did I have to pay for a tattoo that is wrong but now I also have to pay for Laser to get this off my back.

  • brei love torres
    Apr 2021

    I loved it , it's clean and they did a great job

  • Natalia Y Gallego
    Mar 2021

    My Fiancee and I, wanted to get matching tattoos. We couldn’t have picked a better Tattoo shop than Tattood Tearz. We felt welcomed, Jay Morrisey was on time for our appointment. Place was super neat and the design/ ambiance was super cool!

  • DVM
    Mar 2021

    If you’ve had a bad experience here then maybe it was just you I’ve come to Jay for all my piercings & he is always professional. Great convos & good laughs through out the whole session, got my nose pierced today & as always he killed it in a great way of course. Thank you Jay & the whole tattoo tearz family they are all great ??

  • Luke D.
    Feb 2021

    My fiancé and I went in to get matching tattoos. I didn't know what to expect because it was my first tattoo. With J's calm and chill demeanor and years of experience as a tattoo artist professional we felt relaxed and the tattoos came out quickly, painlessly and clearly. We definitely plan to return to Tattooed Tearz to work with J for our future tattoos!

  • April Cuba Garcia
    Feb 2021

    Jay is the nicest guy!! and in my opinion the best piercer!!

  • abdullah dmx
    Feb 2021

    Great artist nice service.

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