• Isheia Brown
    Jul 2021

    I use to frequent this salon a few years ago. I decided to go back since the last time they cut my nails too short for my engagement party. So at this point its been 4 years. I decided to try my luck again. My gel manicure was rushed. Some of my fingers do not have the same consistency as the others. I just got them done yesterday and didn't notice until i left the shop that the some are not polish all the way to the cuticle. Some nails look smooth some look dull. I even notice she file and sanded over my nails and then polished them without having me to wash them. This was horrible service for 36 dollars. I feel it was rushed. I do believe there is different treatment according to your skin. My hands werent massaged or anything like they would normally do. I would never spend a penny again in this establishment!Services: Manicures

  • Megan K.
    May 2021

    I have returned to exotic nails after them always being so busy (which is great, but I hate waiting for an hour). But I returned about a year ago and CONSTANTLY am overly satisfied and left with amazing toes and nails!! I have been getting some crazy dip nails recently and they have BLOWN it out of the water! I added some pictures for reference! The last one with the flowers was taken about a week post manicure! But the design was spot on what I wanted! I will continue to go to them for all my manicure and pedicure needs! 12/10 recommend!

  • linda carter
    May 2021

    {This salon unfortunately discriminates against its customers}. If you confront them about the situation, they try to state that the customer they skipped over you with had an appointment before you walked in. This location has done this TWICE to me with me verifying that each customer they sat before me was a walk-in after me. ( All I had to do was ask them were they appointment or walk in for myself smh)I’m giving this review because it is a shame to be going through this type of treatment for no reason in 2021. I will never spend my money here and they are overpriced for the minimal services they do provide.

  • Sharon H.
    May 2021

    horrible horrible experience im so upset and disappointed i can not see straight!!! i will come back and write details!! do not patronize this business!!! And I used my interpretation app to see what they was talking about and there was two overweight white women that came in one is getting married tomorrow and they said HORRIBLE things about them!!!

  • Lexi Bailey
    Mar 2021

    I got dip nails and they did a manicure with it. I was very impressed. They looked great. They were very quick too

  • Destiny Wicks
    Oct 2020

    I love it they are so nice abs polite!!

  • Mimi R.
    Oct 2020

    I went as a walk-in to have my eyebrows waxed. It was a bit painful from the pressure put on my eye. I walked out of there with a bruised eye. Ouch.

    Oct 2020

    Too expensive

  • Catarina B
    Jun 2020

    Incredible work and clean business! Exotic nails does high quality work at an affordable price. I would say it’s worth it to drive from campus (LSU) to go a little out of the way to get here. Friendly staff that go above and beyond to help you through pampering yourself.

  • Jazzy B.
    Jun 2020

    I will start by saying: I am vocal about uneven or misshapen nails that I notice. Not all technicians appreciate this.  However, i am paying for your service and will kindly request it be done in a way that is pleasing to me. That being said...

    I arrived, the shop was empty. I told the guy (with neck tattoos) that I only had an hour. I asked if he thought the could do a fullset and a pedicure in an hour. He said yes. I said 'really?' (surprised). He said yes again and laughed. Ok, cool.  

    30 minutes in he is still working on my pedicure. I ask if we'll have time for the fullset. He, again, assures me that we will.  On my big toes, I asked for two false toenails to be placed as my toe nails were sadly short. He made the false nail the same size as my natural nail ....? uhmmmm.  i was determined to have a peaceful day though.  

    At the 50 minute mark, I told him, don't polish my toes, I will come back after I run my errand, and we can finish everything.  I was pleasant and again, determined to have a godo day.

    When I return, there are more customers. I wait fro about 15 minutes for they same guy to return to finish up.  They have two locations and they employees travel between the two.  When he arrived he seemed like he was in a rush.  I told him I didnt like the false toenails and that iw anted them redone.  It was a HUGE problem. every technician in the building chimed in, of course, in a language I couldn't understand.  Finally, I was told that if I redo the big toe, they would have to re-do everything.  (what everything means, IDK?). I say, fine, i don;t like it plz re-do what is necessary.  The guy has left at this point and the new lady proceeds to paint the false nail . sigh. my patience is thinning by this point. i reiterate what i want.  she acts as though i asked for her to give me a blood sacrifice.  She ushers me over to the nail station to do my full set and shellac polish.  She literally falsetto sang along to the radio the entire time. pretty annoying.  She asked me condescending questions like 'is this your first time getting your nails done'; 'you aren't from around here?' b.s like that. i dont know if her nae was ROSE but she was carrying a case with supplies that said Rose (#10) i think it was 10.  She was rude.  Now I am perturbed and pissed.  

    MEANWHILE- and this is what really pissed me off- another  customer comes in, says, i only have an hour for a pedicure and fullset. OH MY GOD. She is out of there in under an hour.  Mind you, My pedicure is done at this point, she has come and gone and I am still in there. hey worked on her hands and feet at the same time.  Which is what I thought theyd do for me. Instead, the lady that was there while i was the only customer there was walking around looking bored.  so Im BIG MAD by now. feeling profiled, talked about in a language i don't understand, and getting poor service compared to what i ended up paying.  others were offered bottles of water- me- nothing.  i cant say with certainty that it was a race thing. i can say that i was the only customer of color in the building at the time.  

    They fix my toe nails. i have to file the big toe myself because she all of a sudden didn't know what square round meant and asked me for a picture. wtf.  if the edge of the nail was even, i would have been happy with that but it was wavy/uneven.  

    so the first time i left, i was charged 36$ for the pedicure. Due to time, i didn't get to even have all of what was supposed to be done, done.
    The 2nd time, she charged me 74$ WHATTTTT THE WHAT! right!  She said, 10 for the false toenails, which, he shoudl have charged me the first time if there was going to be a charge. 41 for full-set; 23 for shellac polish. blew me out the water. i was so outdone i just paid and left. it kept eating at me though, bc that just seems like way more than i ever paid. I thought about calling to complain but figured it would do more good to spread the word here.

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