• Madi Correy
    Aug 2021

    I don’t typically leave reviews but I visited this salon yesterday for the first time and it was the best experience I’ve had while getting my nails done! One of the males did my pedicure and he was friendly, talkative, and professional. He went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed and did a great job on the pedicure! I’d recommend this salon to anyone looking for a quick and relaxing service (:Service: Pedicures

  • Lauren Diamond
    Aug 2021

    I booked a rejuvenate pedicure for 2:30. Finally at 2:45 my feet were in the bowl with cold water. My pedicure lasted 15-20 at the most. She realized she gave me the wrong pedicure. By then my toes were already painted. This is not the first time I have had bad service. But this will be the last time I come here. 15 minute pedicure for $35. No thank you. Never again.Service: Pedicures

  • Lauren D
    Aug 2021

    Great customer service, really nice massage, and attention to detail. Highly recommend!

  • Amanda Nielsen
    Jul 2021

    I went yesterday for the first time after reading the positive reviews on here. Unfortunately, I had a very different experience than what others have reported. I received a manicure and a pedicure. The cuticles on some of my fingers were cut down so much that they bled. The fingers that were injured are sore and red today. Also, the overall polish job just does not look great. I will not be going back and am very disappointed in the results.Services: Pedicures

  • Teresa Raines
    Jul 2021

    people, eye for details , friendly and welcoming. Clean always

  • Kaylee G.
    Jul 2021

    Never even got to enjoy any services. You expect your clients to book on your website that is not set up well at all. How do we know what the service entails or the price. Then once I set up my apt it set it as a completely different time. So of course I try to cancel but of course your website doesn't allow this. So I call and call and call of course I get no answer. So obviously I'm canceling my apt for this Wednesday with Hellen and I hope your management seriously fixes your booking site or you will loose many more customers. Charging your clients a late fee when they have no means to cancel their apt is also super messed up!!!

  • Renita Maul
    Jul 2021

    This place was very professional. The staff was friendly, greeted me with kindness. My nail tech was very knowledgeable about the product. I will visit again.

  • Gyamfua G.
    Jun 2021

    Great nail salon in Broad Ripple located on college next to the Vogue. Unlike other big fancy nail salons, Zen is a smaller salon with a with a well organized space. The salon is rectangular with a waiting area in the front and one long side of the rectangle had the hand/finger work station and the other had the pedicure chairs. I came on a Sunday afternoon after marathon in the Appalachian Mountains and a long 6 hour drive feet hurt from the run and a pedicure and massage was just what my feet needed. I made an appointment online arrived 10 min earlyand was asked to wash my hands. After washing my hands I was offered a drink while picking out my color. The service was relaxing. One because my pedicurist didn't force any conversations nor did she converse with someone else. I think because the shop wasn't too busy the lady doing my nails was able to take her time. I don't think she understood when I said I ran a marathon but nevertheless she really made me feel relaxed and rubbed the soreness out of my muscles. I definitely would return..small but definitely an enjoyable experience.

  • Lianne L.
    Jun 2021

    So Ricky should already know this review was about to come in. I came in to get my one week old chipped gel manicure fixed. Well they ask me if to find the color. At the time when I first came in I didn't pick out the color. The tech did so I'm not sure what it is. Ricky's wife doesn't attempt to really help me find the matching color. Then the guy fixing my nail doesn't help either. So I ask for Ricky. He come with this long story about why the techs aren't responsible for the color picked and suggests glitter on the 2 nails that got fixed on both hands to make it look better. I told him I'd rather just have the polish removed and start over and he didn't acknowledge me when I said that. So of course he finishes and asks if I like it. Again no I don't and I tell him we could've started all over and again he says nothing. He didn't even put oil on my cuticles. Definitely unhappy and won't be coming back after this piss-poor fix of my nails. P.S. you didn't spend triple the time fixing your work that did not last for 2 weeks. I would've paid again for a whole new manicure but you acted like you all were too busy and that definitely was the case. Again I will not be back and I will make sure this gets out the you all have an issue with fixing nails and acting like it's a hassle when it should be you all standing by your work. If you didn't have the time to do my nails you should have said that when I called. Again horrible customer service at the end of the day.

  • Amanda W.
    Jun 2021

    It was a Sunday morning and I decided I really wanted a pedicure so I started looking on Yelp to see if there were any places open near me. That's when I found Zen Nail Lounge. I actually was able to message them through Yelp to request an appointment . They got right back with me and said they could see me early afternoon , so I took it! So glad I did. I honestly didn't know this place was here , but I really liked how efficient they were . I walked in and immediately saw a sign to wash hands thoroughly and then choose a nail color. (I like that they are serious about safety measures for Covid ). You also had to wear a mask. Although they did offer beverages which I had never experienced at a nail salon before . You could just get water , or a beer or wine if you chose to! When I sat down, there was a laminated paper with QR codes that you could scan to see each service that was offered. The pedicure was done well but was very quick (I got gel so no dry time). My appointment was at 1:15 and I was done by 1:35. I will definitely be back to this salon!

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