• Mamie Rae Young
    Jan 2022

    I’ve been here before and decided to give them a chance again. They messed my nails up again. I won’t be going back. They seem to care more about the quantity of people they can get in and out of the door than the quality of work. I had a fill in with 2 nails to be replaced and it took about 20 minutes with polish and everything. The technician was an older male. He never asked if I wanted my current nails shortened and got frustrated when I asked him to please shorten them. I also explained that I would please like him to curve the edges of my nails on the coffin shape so that they wouldn’t poke me. He did one mail and I said that was good so I assumed he was doing the rest the same and then he didn’t. When I pointed out again that I’d like him to please curve the edges just slightly so they’re not so pointy he just looked at me and huffed and didn’t do it. I also like my nails to be the same length on each finger on opposite hands (I.e. both pointer fingers are the same length). I feel like that’s pretty common though. He didn’t check to see if they were the same so I did and pointed out that my right thumb is very much shorter than my left. It also is way shorter and wider than any of my other nails so it looks like it belongs to a different persons set/hand. I have acrylic left on my fingers after. My polish (gel) does not cover all of my nails to the edges and I have polish on my skin. I’m beyond upset and I won’t be coming here again. I would also advise everyone else to avoid the place. I will now have to be going to another place to get them fixed and pay someone to fix their mistakes after I paid $41 for my nails to be done.

  • Elektra Davis
    Dec 2021

    They did amazing! They are always so nice, and so professional. Definitely recommend Tina!

  • Jessica Lyons
    Dec 2021

    The lady that did my 7 year daughters nails was great but the man who did mine was so EXTREMELY ROUGH. Jabbed me multiple times with his nail , squeezed my leg so hard it was so painful brought tears to my eyes, got nail polish on his finger and wiped it on the top of my foot and left it there not to mention I got a candy stripe on my big toe he did one foot and someone else did my other so now I have designs that are not even uniform with each other what so ever. That was the most painful experience ever and I should have listened to these reviews so I am telling you now LISTEN don’t even waste your time . Oh and even better my 7YO daughters Pedi was to be $25 her mani $15 according to sheet and my medi was $42 so do the math $82 how in the world did they charge me $135 ??? What so you are telling me I had $53 in hidden fee’s not worth the money for the pain and experience I will stick to Beauty nails and will never go back here what so everService: Pedicures

  • Andrea V.
    Nov 2021

    I understand on a Sunday evening, we all want to get home and relax. But if your shop closes at 6 and I come in at 5, I feel like you have plenty of time to give me a standard predicate (no gel polish to remove or anything). My pedicure was so rushed and I enjoyable I felt unwelcome there and like the lady was just ready for me to go. I only treat myself to a pedicure once every month or 2 so I rly look forward to them. Really disappointing when it's so quick and rushed.

  • Dinora Ventura
    Nov 2021

    Decided to try out this location and was greeted kindly by the staff. I was sat down next to a young nail artist finishing up her client when I was moved to the other side with an older lady. I showed her what I wanted and she said okay and got to work. The only thing right was the color because the shape was so bad :( I paid and tipped because I felt bad and I’m not big on making scenes. I went to the other location in the mall to explain the situation hoping they could fix it by reshaping and they did!! Definitely just be careful who does your nails! But overall everyone is nice and kind and I will be back!!Service: Acrylic nails

  • Olufunke Raji
    Nov 2021

    Nice and neat. Did a walk in with a friend. They served wine and we got a massage while the pedicure was happening. We got the volcano pedicure package. I don't know the details of the things used but my entire lower extremities feel reborned. I will definitely be coming back.

  • Amanda Cohen
    Nov 2021

    Tech tried to put dip powder on like acrylic powder. I had to tell him no, the powder will be to thick and not soak off right causing them to rip my nails next time. Also brought a picture in and he and instead of brown nails with glitter at the top I only got brown nails he said he couldn’t do glitter. I’ve been coming here a long time but this was really disappointing today!!Service: Dip powder

  • Amanda Cohen
    Nov 2021

    I’ve been coming here long time. First time I’ve been so disappointed with my nails. They were supposed to look like the left but instead I have a solid colored nail. Guy said he couldn’t do it ?‍♀️. Also tried to put my dip powder on like acrylic and I had to stop him. That makes the powder too thick and you have to soak forever or get them ripped off.

  • Tricia Lynn Obertate
    Nov 2021

    very nice and very clean.

  • Crystal Thompson
    Oct 2021

    Tried to call ahead of time. Would not give me an appointment. Had to wait over 30 minutes to get started. Got my fingers with the drill like 3-4 times. Then had the drill up so high on my nails that It burnt my nails 5-6 different times. I had to pull my hand away. Never even got an “I’m sorry” nails are uneven. Coating on top is not even. Worst experience I have ever had at a nail salon.Services: Dip powder

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