FFC Oak Park

$$$ • spa, fitness center, gym, school, Massage, Pilates

1114 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301
(708) 383-1114


  • Jaya Jaya
    Nov 2021

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  • Kika W.
    Oct 2021

    There has to be some sort of disconnect here. The cost of the gym does not equal the service and facilities you find here. There's nothing special about this place - The machines are average, The locker room is average, and the pool is average. (You know, when they're all actually working.) Honestly, I'd at least expect that the people who work here to make up the difference and be the exceptional part, but they're also not the best either. The whole vibe of this place is just off. The guy who typically works at the café is the only somewhat friendly person there. I need to check out the other locations, because I refuse to believe they're all this bland, charging this crazy amount of money, and people still go here. The only thing the oak park club has going for it is its walkable location.

  • Lawrence D.
    Oct 2021

    The facilities are fine, though breakdowns are common. My main issue is which how the branch is run. For instance, they put someone else's bank account on my membership when I signed up, meaning some poor soul got charged for no reason. Then when I pointed out their error, they tried to charge me late fees. When I pushed back, they refused to admit fault. It was bizarre. I feel terrible for the person who got swindled. To top it off, FFC makes it extremely difficult to cancel your membership. Call the front desk and you will be told it has to be done in person. Press a little and you will be told "a request for a link will be made and sent to you." Turns out it's just this link: Why the song and dance? Stranger still is that you cannot directly cancel your membership. Instead you make a "request to cancel" which is then reviewed. Does that mean you can be denied a cancellation? Of a service you bought? So, so strange.

  • Elizabeth Wirtz
    Oct 2021

    I have been a member of FFC and going to the Oak Park location since 2013. Yes, the membership is expensive and keeps going up, which I don’t like. However, it is a very clean and up to date gym. I take several of the classes here and all of the instructors are wonderful. Thank have never had an issue with unclean or broken equipment. If there is an issue with that in gym, the staff communicates to us members. The manager and staff are all very friendly and care about the gym. Great place to workout!

  • Doug K.
    Sep 2021

    Good spot for a workout.

  • Andrea Pfeiffer
    Aug 2021

    GreT guy but color turned out Horrible! Redyed hair when I got home. 2nd worst color I ever received! Nice salon otherwise.

  • Bubba G.
    Aug 2021

    This place is a joke nothing is ever working. The jacuzzis is always out. The steam Room is out half the time. They always have an excuse. The staff is rude. The patrons are rude and have no patience complaining about the Lap pool. There scheduled abs can't even give you a second to get out the pool before they call the manager and then lay on your stuff even on there late for their schedule. The night shift clean up crew gives you dirty looks and eye balls you if you use more then one towel. Out of all the FFC in the city this is the worst one when it comes to trying to use the wet activities. They take your payments without a problem if you miss a payment they call you a jillion times. But if there pool or jacuzzi is down then too bad. This morning the pool guy looks at you with a smirk and says the steam room was broken and wasn't working for the day. After calling the manager he was totally unaware of this he came upstairs and turned it right on. Mind boggling but it's cool next time I choose a gym I'll make sure not to choose this one. And just stick to the other locations.

  • Taneesha Thomas
    Aug 2021

    I love the variety offered here as well as the awesome personal trainers like Aria.

  • Veronica S.
    Aug 2021

    It's not a surprise that this location has 3 stars. I wanted to come back to FFC and was inquiring about reinstating my original membership However I Just got off the phone with the rudest sales rep (starts with a K I think) Who tells me she's been there for only 5 months and as far as she knows this is the way things are. So that tells me I obviously need to speak to someone who can speak with clarity with less sass and not just a matter of factly. She goes on to explain the cost of the gym to me (as if I didn't once go there) was higher due to cost of equipment maintenance & to keep the gym running. It's odd to me really how blanketed and generic her explanation was. Then when I asked to speak to someone else she tells me she'll make sure someone else contacts me so and I quote "they can tell you exactly everything i just told you!?" That was completely uncalled for and just beyond rude! she finished with well I'm sorry this gym may not be for you then! So much hostility because I was inquiring about my original membership cost! She of course was able to see how much I originally paid and just kept talking over me the entire time saying the same line With no real answers. Just being insulting, dismissive and trying to make me feel bad about wanting clearer answers then threatening to ensure everyone speaks to me the way she did was truly crossing a line! I'm completely outraged, I feel so disrespected and she clearly made points to make me feel humiliated and scared to call back... Not a great way to welcome someone into the neighborhood...

  • Brad Martin
    Jul 2021

    This gym costs more than nine times the amount of a membership at XSport Fitness, yet there seems to be nothing fundamentally better about the equipment, gym, or environment that would justify the drastic discrepancy in monthly membership costs. XSport tends to have much better and more consistent full court basketball runs, and the equipment is just as good. The most frustrating thing about FFC Oak Park, however, is the head of this location, Jeff Long. My peers that had memberships told me a couple of times how disrespectful and unprofessional this guy is, and he was in fact the catalyst for one of them pulling the straw and cancelling their membership at FFC to go to another gym. Essentially, I think this location is awful, and I would definitely think again if you were considering getting a membership here.

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