• Jamie Elizabeth
    Jul 2021

    I went here because I had a groupon for a wash, cut, and dry. It started off fine, but then the more I paid attention, the cutting seemed more amateur. When she was done, the cape was removed and I was sent on my way. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the damage had been done. It's uneven by inches and there's a chunk of hair that was a good inch too long. I had to go to another salon to fix it.EDIT: I'm not sure if I can reply to your response Yvette, so this is how I'm going to do it. I told the stylist when they asked for the groupon that it was bought for me by my fiancé and showed her the picture. I was in your salon on Saturday, June 19th at 12:00 . I had an appointment at 1:00, but was called by your salon to see if I could come earlier.

  • Haley Patel
    Apr 2021

    My cousin and I got our haircuts at this location and everyone was so friendly! Location is very cozy and made us feel comfortable. The hair stylist took her time with both of us. Amazing hair wash and we both LOVE our haircuts - we will be back!

  • Melanie Bramwell
    Mar 2021

    I was a customer at this salon today, and I must say I’m happy with the outcome of my hair! She was quick at doing a full foil yet made sure everything was perfect as she was moving along. The young lady that did my hair did a great job. As a side note her eyes/lashes are very beautiful. She inspired me to want to get my lashes done in the future! Haha

  • Kanisha Davis
    Feb 2021

    I love this place! I always walk out feeling better and more beautiful than when I walked in. Very satisfied customer!!!

  • Katie E.
    Dec 2020

    Nice women and did a good job, but I paid $80 for the Groupon and then another $60 there in addition with add ons. I apparently used an extra bowl and toner. Neither of which I was told about during or asked if it was ok. My biggest issue is they don't tell you as they do them. At the end they just say oh it's an additional whatever. And looking at the reviews it seems like a business practice. Not a good way to gain loyal customers. I was hoping to find my local salon here. But I will not be back.

  • Della Pal
    Oct 2020

    Lashing service poor.

  • r w h j
    Mar 2020

    Awesome staff and aveda concept salon.Very clean and friendly staff.Great color service

  • Lisa Daniels
    Mar 2020

    Great service and very comfortable.

  • Yura Mendoza
    Feb 2020

    I bought a Groupon and used it 4 months ago. I got charged $50 extra dollars, 2 weeks ago, I get a call saying that the money was accidentally refunded to me and that I need to send it back. I replied I would send it back as soon as I saw it in my account.

  • Yura M.
    Jan 2020

    I bought a Groupon and used it 4 months ago. I got charged $50 extra dollars, 2 weeks ago, I get a call saying that the money was accidentally refunded to me and that I need to send it back. I replied I would send it back as soon as I saw it in my account. I continue getting calls and texts about the refund. I still do not see it in my account. I let the owner know that I will contact my bank about it. The bank says the refund will not be posted until my next billing cycle which is February 5th. I let the owner know that I will pay her as soon as I see proof of the refund in my account. She agrees. Few days pass and she texts me, threatening me that she will report me to the police if I don't send her the money, saying that I am lying about the refund. I let her know that I still do not see it in my bank account, as I have been checking it daily. I tell her I will write a negative review of her being unprofessional. I have been cooperating with her, responding to every text, checking my account, and contacting my bank. It is not okay for her to threaten me. She apologizes and says that she is stressed because she lost a lot of money. I tell her I understand and that I hope everything will work out for her and ask her to trust that I will send her the money when I see it. She says thank you. Few days pass and she threatens me again, calling me a thief, saying she placed a report with the police because I am lying about the refund. Soon after, around 10pm, a man calls me from a private number pretending to be an officer and threatens to arrest me. I tell him I will go into the police station myself and show all the proof of my bank statements which show no refund of $50. He hangs up on me. I write a review on Google explaining all this mess and she replies by leaking my private phone number on the review. Next day, I call my bank again ask them what I can do. I see no refund in my account which means I have no proof that the money is in my account. I ask them to send me the evidence on their end so that I can put an end to this. They send me a message with the evidence at 7pm on a Sunday. I text her to let her know that I got the evidence and that I'm sending her the money. She continues to call me a thief and a liar, saying that banks don't send out messages on Sundays. I've never experienced so much stress from a merchant in my life. I was cooperative the entire time, and in the midst, she threatened me, harassed me, and leaked my private information. All this to say, this is not the type of person anyone should do business with.

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