• Mark Protze
    Oct 2021

    Wouldn't recommend going anywhere else other than here. It was great and if I ever get another tattoo I will definitely be back. Worked with the artist who was so talented but also accommodating to get exactly what I wanted. Everything made sense and I'm happy with the result. I think Scott was my artist but I kept forgetting his name, but he was pretty cool. The design is perfect. I probably would change the placement 1/2 inch or so if I had the chance (and noticed/paid attention) but the overall quality is excellent and looks phenomenal.Service: Tattoos

  • Queen Rose
    Oct 2021

    I brought my daughter here to get her nose pierced she is a minor . The staff made sure I had all my legal documentation, and that it was notarized as well. We signed consent forms and I was very impressed by that. I decided to pierce my nose as well. The lady that pierced us did a great job!! I'm so sorry I lost your card with your name on it??she marked it had us make sure that was were we wanted our piercing 's. I went first it was quick and easy. I'm not going to say it didn't hurt because it did some, but not because of the piercer but because I think any time you put a needle through your nose it hurts some. But her technique was good she was very friendly, and took pictures at the photo booth they have set up of my daughter and I together I didn't worry about cleanliness because you could smell and clearly see this was a clean place. Immgoing to sound strange when saying this ,but. you have to check out the restroom and I'm going to leave it at that you get a surprise and it's nothing bad or negative it will make you ? smile when we were all done we checked out and we received post piercing instructions both written and verbal. All in all it was a great experience. Thank you pensacola tattoo studio!!!! For showing us so much attention I will for sure come back .

  • Christian Morgan
    Oct 2021

    This place is amazing! I have had Brittany do all six of my tattoos and they have all come out awesome. She is very talented and creative I have given her loose ideas of what I wanted and she makes all the designs exceed all of my expectations. The studio itself is also very friendly and the environment there is welcoming every time I have gone. Do not waste your time anywhere else because Brittany and the other artists here do amazing work and you would be missing out!Service: Tattoos

  • Ethan Arms
    Oct 2021

    My artist Rob was amazing! All these people here are nice. I came in and right away they started helping me and making sure I got the tattoo I wanted. The whole experience was super fun because they were all nice and making sure my tattoo looked awesome and making sure I was taken care of! Highly recommend anyone who wants to get a tattoo to come here and get tatted up!Service: Tattoos

  • Margaret Hichar
    Aug 2021

    So I paid $200, plus tip for my tattoo. It makes me sad about the quality of tattoo I received. It was just supposed to be a cute little duo cat tattoo, but the heart is messed up and line work is just wrong. I wish the little sparkle of a star was a little cuter with maybe even a little yellow glow. I dunno. The tattoo took less than 30 minutes and I don't know if it was rushed, but im not happy. However, I loved my tattoo artist she's an amazing artist with a great vibe. It's hard to praise her because when I look at my work as compared to others, it just seems like an off day. I just feel like I tried to respect the artist and the prices they set, but it just hurts.Edit to add photos.Service: Tattoos

  • SunshineLife82
    Aug 2021

    As soon as I walked in, the woman at front desk Peyton, smiled and greeted us and was super cute btw. I loved her customer service skills. Then my tattoo artist Brittany made me feel super comfortable and welcomed. She would ask if I was okay or needed a break. She was fast but patient. Very good clean work.I got a cover up, its beautiful. I'm super happy how it turned out. I was so tired of looking at the other work.. I would recommend her to anyone. Super awesome studio ? thanks! I'll be coming back soon and more often. Definitely money well spent!Service: Tattoos

  • Brett Sawyer
    Aug 2021

    Kemo and Gwen and the crew are absolutely amazing pensacola tattoo studios 2 is the absolute best tattoo shop ever been to. I absolutely love all of my tattoos. Make sure you go in there and ask for Kemo supremo!!!!

  • Todd Knowles
    Aug 2021

    Staff was great from the moment I walked in the door from setting the appointment to getting my new tattoo. Min did an awesome job and I will definitely be back to get more done. Great staff great artist great place to get any tattoo.

  • Ryan Ryno Ray
    Jul 2021

    hands down the best tattoo studio I've ever been very friendly staff Mike helps you with your artist if your getting portrait he puts you with a potrait artist if your tat requires thin fine detail he puts you with a detail artist and so on and so fourth well worth the money i got artist Chemo very funny dude jam up artist makes you feel at home and comportable Mike and his buisness are very professional i highly recomend going there.

  • Mike M.
    Jul 2021

    You get what you pay for! If you want work from Min or Jesse, it will not be cheap! But it will be worth it! Min did my piece 8/28/21. Mike helped a lot with the design and the entire process. Kemo did my daughter and fiancé and he will have you rolling and having a good time. I see some of these other reviews about price and gtf out of here crying about a $100 being over priced! It cost $80 just to break the seal on a pack of needles. Everyone there was very professional. All of us 3 will be back!

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