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1478 Tiger Park Ln Ste B3, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563
(850) 565-5277


  • Catherine Persson
    Dec 2021

    Really good stylists there

  • David Baughman
    Dec 2021

    Fantastic little seat yourself oyster bar that's off the beaten path. It has a nice little bar area and open concept dining area. Food is amazing and the service is friendly.

  • M. C
    Nov 2021

    Great place. This ladies are very courteous and always do a great job..

  • David Z.
    Nov 2021

    Had a great experience with zero wait time. Just passing through visiting family and needed a haircut. My hair was cut by Kim! She was very attentive to how I wanted it cut and she took her time to get it perfect. She was also super friendly. The shop was very clean and everyone in there seemed to enjoy what they're doing; it made for a very enjoyable experience. If I wasn't moving to Spain, Kim would be my go to every time! Highly recommend this location.

  • Tina Barnes
    Nov 2021

    The ladies here were so sweet and respectful to me and my son! We are flying internationally tomorrow so had asked about masks and they were very kind, telling us they would be happy to wear masks to make us comfortable. They were equally polite to those who came in without masks, telling them it was fine and they didn’t have to. Such a refreshing, kind attitude to see! Thank you ladies!

  • Melissa G.
    Oct 2021

    I walked in to get my hair cut and she asked for my phone number, I gave it to her, weve been coming since they opened. She said she found it but my name wasn't on there but my kids were I said it's my number and those are my kids, so how long is the wait going to be. Well I can't find you so do you have another number, I said no, this is the only number that the family uses and I asked just to put my name down she continued with, and proceeded to argue with me about my phone number. Can you just take my name and get me in, no she stated, I have to have a number because you will need to save and go off previous hair styles....lololol....I again said the number is a family same number that I use can you please just take my name and put me on the list...she would not, refused and continued to ARGUE WITH ME... I told her never mind, and I left. It was so stupid, lolo I have a phone, it has a number which I have used for all three of us.. same stinking number for me and the kids, which 1 month and half ago, I was in and 1 month ago my son was in. Never any problem, just take a srinken name and get on with it, instead of the arguing over a number and refusing to put someone on the list, when it was apparent they had no one on the list and one person wanting, and one person in already getting their hair done. Because of the arguing about this and not taking a simple name on a list WE will not be back.

  • Whitney Bengson
    Sep 2021

    easy check in and wait list process, and no masks required. Andrea was fantastic with both of my boys, we will definitely be back!

  • Alison Hinrichs
    Aug 2021

    I thought that all hair cutting places had to be up to some kind of sanitary code, but apparently not. When I walked to the chair, everything was covered in all different kinds of hair from the day’s clients. Hair in brushes and combs, all over the counter, chair not even wiped off, and the hair dresser did not even bat an eye about it. I asked the hair dresser to please clean up the hair before he proceeded with my cut, which is out of character for me but I could not hide how terrified I was that he was about to cut my hair in this unsanitary work space. And he was nice about it, but didn’t see the problem. I went home and immediately washed my hair because it smelled of smoke and other people’s hair from him cutting it. My hair cut turned out fine, which is great, but I will not be returning to this unsanitary place.Service: Haircut

  • Jenny Erickson
    Jul 2021

    My son got a hair cut from the guy who works there. He asked for more off the sides and he told him no it looks fine. If my son wanted more off the sides, the guy should have cut more off the sides. My son then asked for gel put in his hair at the end and the guy told him no. I’m paying for a service for him he should be able to have what he wants if I’m the one paying for it. I wasted a lot of money for his cut to have him not like it at all.Service: Haircut

  • tara f
    Jun 2021

    I liked that you could get in line before arrival. Stylist was great!

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