• Aida E Alicea
    Sep 2021

    I was gifted a gift card for this salon, went once and haven’t stopped. Friendly staff, Beautiful decor. Clean.

  • Adria Bondanza
    Sep 2021

    I've gone here three or four times. Was really happy the first few times. The last time I went for a regular manicure the nail tech decided to use a Dremel tool and literally ruined my nails. I went back today to see if they could fix them since it's been a month and they look terrible and still hurt. The woman at the desk suggested I do a gel manicure to try to help my nails get stronger. When I checked out I asked about discount since my nails had been ruined the last time. She offered me a 5% discount. I guess at least it was something but seriously if they cared about their customers I feel like they could have done a little bit more. Apparently the tech who ruined my nails wasn't there anymore so I'm assuming there were other issues. It's really beautiful there but I might be going back to my old placeServices: Manicures

  • Cathleen H.
    Aug 2021

    I was referred by a friend and made an appointment well in advance. I was the first appointment of the day, and Michael gave my dip manicure and regular pedicure. My nails had not been done in well over a year so they were and in great shape. I was not happy with how he was doing my manicure, at all, and after questioning why he was doing things a certain way and having him file my fingers instead of my nails TWICE, Michael told me he had 20 years experience and knew what he was doing. Less than two weeks later and the dip is coming up and away from the bottom of my nails. After all of that, my friend said she had the same person do a dip manicure today and left the salon totally ticked off. The salon may not be too bad, but this particular nail technician is absolutely horrible!

  • Kimberly Finch
    Aug 2021

    This was my 1st visit and I loved it!!! Definitely making all future appointments here! Jack is amazing!

  • Amanda Panda
    Jul 2021

    My daughter and I visited this nail salon for the first time and our nails were horrible. The place is set up nice but looks can be deceiving. I truly believe they think that because the salon is nice they can provide subpar service. We arrived close to closing time so I was thankful they took us. However, I don't think that should allow for our nails to be done poorly. I asked for a manicure and pedicure and my daughter got a pedicure. I had to repeat that I wanted a mani and pedi many times so there shouldn't have been a mix up on what service was requested. My daughter and I were both rushed at the pedicure bowls. The male who did my feet did my pedicure quickly but he did a good job however, I didn't soak at all. My daughter didn't get her feet soaked long as well and they hardly scrubbed the bottom of her feet. While I was getting my pedicure another worker started my manicure. I was expecting the normal routine of a manicure but never got it. Before coming in I recently took of my gel from a previous service at my normal salon. Usually the salon will file your nails, smooth, and remove any old polish. The woman left old residue on my nails and hardly smoothed my nails out before starting to put on the new polish. I asked her shouldn't my nails soak before she continued and she told me they don't do that there and she already used a spray bottle on my cuticles to soften them before removing the cuticles. I thought that was odd and didn't want to be a bother so I just went along with what she was saying. She then started to put gel polish on my nails and I told her I was only getting a manicure. She said the front desk clerk (maybe manager) told her I was getting Gel. I said I'm not sure why because she repeated several times that I'm getting a mani and pedi. She finished the manicure but the whole time I was thinking this is about to be a horrible job. There was cotton ball hair in the polish, uneven polish, lumps and etc. She would have left things worst if I didn't say anything. Trying to be polite I asked her was she going to fix one of my nails (even though most of them were jacked up) and she said it looked that way because it's probably hair under the polish that wasn't swept away. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Right then and there I should have said this is unacceptable can you please correct it better or just not paid for that service but nooooooo me being too nice decided to just let it slide. I was sort of desperate because I had an event to attend that evening. That raggedy manicure was not worth $20 at all. My nails chipped the same evening and I was very gentle. My nails were badly chipped the very next day. Went I took my polish off I had the same old gel residue under my nails. Money wasted. My daughter toes were also chipped very quickly as well. I think if the guy who did my pedicure would have did my nails I would have been ok. Usually when I get a manicure anywhere, they soak ya nails, remove the cuticles, file and smooth, you then go wash your hands, they then lotion your hands, and polish them, . The woman told me they don't do any of that. That was the first and last time going to this nail salon.Services: Manicures

  • Cori Jill Gray
    Jul 2021

    Always a pleasure to go and get my pedicure! Staff is always professional and courteous. My best friend recommended Lavish to me and I’m so happy she did! Worth the money!

  • LaKisha Atkins
    Jul 2021

    Very Clean! Excellent customer service. My favorite techs are Lily, Myra, and Iris did a very good pedicure for me. Rihanna does some amazing artwork in nails. She sits next to Lily so I get to watch her work. The owner owns Omnia Nail Spa also.

  • Mrs. Btrip
    Jul 2021

    I have no complaints being a 1st time client who is very picky about my pedicures. After going to the same salon for 15 years, I chose this salon because they didn't overcharge for the samr services I received at my previous salon. They did a great job and I will be repeat customer.

  • Deneen S.
    Jul 2021

    I'm not sure who I'm more annoyed with the salon or myself. I had dip polish and went to have it filled and everyone told me it was acrylic that I had. I've had dip before and the process was the same. The things she pulled out were not dip materials. I should have just left bc I don't want acrylic but I was there already and had a gift card. Not to mention the $5 charge for shaping that wasn't even the shape I originally had. My first experience was ok so I figured I'd give them three stars as an average. Prob will not got back. I don't like confusion

  • Haley Morris
    Jul 2021

    I went to lavish nail salon today with very high hopes. The aesthetic is very modern, nice, new. I was craved 82.40 for a “sport pedi” and a gel manicure, (tipped the nail tech 20.00 as well) as I was getting my manicure my toes were underneath a drier. I was home for two hours and decided to take a look at my toes, I touched them and all the paint started to peel off of every toe. I called and I was told I could not speak to a manager and I could not have a refund but I could come in and have it fixed today which I don’t have time for. Do not waste your money here, my nails look a hot mess with paint on my skin and around the nail bed. Which I was willing to let go until this happened TWO HOURA AFTER THEY WERE PAINTED.Services: Manicures

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