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  • Loreal Hiscock
    Jul 2022

    My friend and I went here about a month ago. We were a walk-in appointment and the shop did a good job communicating and being flexible with us. I wanted a small tattoo on my upper arm, text only, and my tattoo artist was really easy to work with. However, my tattoo is completely blown out and looks really bad. I noticed after the first 1-2 days but I was thinking it was just some bruising that would fade but it's been a month and looks the same. I wish my artist told me this could happen because I would have probably changed the placement. Now I'm told the only way to correct it is with laser removal or a cover up -- neither of which I want (or want to spend money on). Overall, I'm just really disappointed in the work. The text looks good but the whole tattoo just looks bad being so blown out.Service: Tattoos

  • seth morrow
    Jul 2022

    My wife and I dropped on our trip to Colorado for Walk-Ins. From the time we walked in everyone were professional, easy to work with, and honest in their expertise. I’m glad that we picked Think Tank out of every shop in Denver.

  • Jen Malson
    Jul 2022

    Horrible experience with this shop's customer service. Never got a tattoo so I can't speak to their work. I met with an artist, we talked about what I wanted, I paid the $100 deposit and made an appointment. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make the appointment due to circumstances out of my control (my husband tested positive for covid in another country hours before his flight home) and couldn't find childcare. I called to cancel and they informed me I needed to provide 48 hours notice of cancellation, however no one informed me of this policy when I made the appointment. I found out my husband wouldn't be returning 24 hours before my appointment. I spent the next few hours trying to find childcare so I wouldn't have to miss my appointment, but when I called back the front desk said they already filled my spot. I made another appointment and was told I needed to speak with the artist personally to discuss the deposit. I tried reaching out to the artist but never heard back. I was then told by the front desk I couldn't speak with the artist about my appointment (in contradiction to what they asked me to do originally). The front desk also informed me that I would need to make a second $100 deposit for the second appointment or it would be cancelled. I asked again if this could be waived since 1) it was for circumstances out of my control and 2) when I called back 2 hours later, I was told my appointment hours had already been filled. I never heard back. Since then, I have made an appointment with another shop who said they wouldn't penalize me for any incidences with covid and I was able to speak with the artist personally regarding questions about my tattoo and appointment. Will definitely tell people to go to anywhere else but here.

  • Jenny Footle
    Jul 2022

    JJ is awesome, her work is incredible. The people there are chill, honest, and friendly. They actually do walk-in, I watched it happen. I had to wait a few months for mine but both the artist and the other staff respond to emails and phone calls! Other tattoo shops have been like a black hole for communication with unreliable hours and almost a year wait. It was like these people actually are running a legit business and want to ink you, which is not how it felt elsewhere.

  • Emilie Denton
    Jul 2022

    Awesome tattoo shop! I had a consultation with Santiago prior to getting my tattoo and when I showed up for my tattoo appointment, he had a stencil of EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Very friendly staff. Clean environment. I will definitely be going back for my next tattoo!Service: Tattoos

  • Sarah DeRemus
    Jul 2022

    Cody Hanson was amazing and very kind! He made me feel comfortable and didn’t seemed rushed at all. Would come back to him for sure!Service: Tattoos

  • Kali Hale
    Jun 2022

    I just got my second tattoo from Jason Drager yesterday and I am so pleased! He will be doing all of my tattoos from now on. Jason makes beautiful custom pieces with bright and vibrant colors. His line work is amazing, solid and never wonky. Jason is very professional, easy to hold a conversation with if that’s your thing, and so down to earth. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, please go to this shop as there are many amazing artists specializing in every style! For my work, Jason is the best! Definitely check him out!Service: Tattoos

  • Kate Clark
    Jun 2022

    Pop quiz: If you're receptionist at a busy tattoo shop and when the store opens there are 15 people waiting outside and the phone keeps ringing, do you a: ignore the phone... and when you are ready, call the person back in an exasperated manner shame them about them calling several times, never apologizing for the mixup, while blaming your poor performance on the 15 people who were waiting? or b: answer the phone and simply ask the person to hold explaining there are a few people to check in and that you'll be right back? If you guessed a, you're a receptionist at Think Tank South. The work I've seen done from this shop is excellent. But if that's how you treat me when I call, I'll take my business elsewhere (I'm sure you're fine with that). May the odds be ever in your favor.

  • Kimberly Bridgers
    Apr 2022

    The portfolios of the artists are one of a kind. I completely trusted my artist for my first big piece.

  • Emdos
    Apr 2022

    I have been to a few different tattoo shops over the years and I can honestly say this is the best one I have ever experienced. Both the Broadway and Littleton locations are clean, friendly, and professional. One of the biggest problems with tattoo shops you will encounter is the celebrity/Rockstar attitude that artists have. I'm please to say I have never encountered this behavior at Think Tank. My artist was Will Mordecai and he is hands down my all time favorite artist.

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