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  • Kurz B
    Jul 2022

    Very disappointed in this experience for a couple massage for my wife's birthday. After the excellent (albeit expensive) experiences at the South Glenn location, we decided to try the Littleton location. Unfortunately the experience was night and day. It starts when you walk in the door - to no warm greeting (this review is a direct comparison to the South Glenn location). The lady that greeted us didn't see positive or overly enthused about her job. Offering a glass of champagne or wine though was a very nice touch (South Glenn doesn't do that). We were then offered to change into a robe and slippers - or not. That seemed very odd for a massage, especially in a what's supposed to be a classy place. After opting for the robes, we were shown where the waiting room was. This room is like a green room with many windows facing outside. Unfortunately there's no real view (it's a business park) and the windows were filthy. The ceiling was marked up and cracked, one of the beverage tables was completely stained with spills, and the area very uninviting. South Glenn's experience is in a room with dimmed lighting, amazing ambience, and serene music. You could put your feet up on one chair - that was already taken - and the rest were regular chairs. Most at South Glenn had ottoman's to put your feet up. There was no clear place to see where just water was available. We were told it was there but it was not easily discernable. And it looked like it was simply from an automatic machine. When our masseuses came to greet us, mine introduced himself and was very friendly. My wife's was very rough-around-the-edges and didn't look to be dressed properly - as if she was filling in at the last second for someone. I was told she wasn't very friendly either. It seemed as if she didn't really like her job... They started to lead us into different rooms, which I immediately questioned since I had booked a couples massage (same room). I was also contacted about 5 times leading up to the appointment to confirm we would be attending so I would assume they were very familiar with what I had purchased. My masseuse said he'd check and said it may be a while then because the couple's rooms were not ready. I said that's fine and that I can reschedule if need be. After checking, they came back and said they had a room almost ready and apologized for the mistake. The room was much less inviting than the South Glenn location. It was a very plain room with no music at all when we arrived. At the beginning of the massage, there was music put on and I was asked about the pressure I would like - my wife was not asked that at all. That should be the very first thing asked of a client before a massage. So I told my masseuse I wasn't a fan of deep tissue and pointed out one area on my heel that was sensitive and asked him not to touch that. I will say one thing here: if you have a "crique" in your wrists or arms or if you have hair on your arms, that's not very conducive to giving a massage. It was a bit unpleasant for sure. I absolutely do not intend to be crass here but I'm just stating a fact - and given we paid over $600 for this "experience', I was a bit irritated. I won't go into the rest of the massage other than to say it WAS a deep tissue massage and the order and flow of the massage seemed very odd. I'd never experience a massage like this. I found out from my wife that not only did she have a very similar experience, her masseuse actually didn't massage one of her legs! She apparently "missed a spot"! Given what we paid for this experience and what we had experienced before at the South Glenn location, this was extremely disappointing and almost - almost - comical. Good luck to those of you who will choose this location in the future. I hope it works out better for you than it did us.

  • Fish Fish
    Jun 2022

    (Update below) Very disappointed even after a month. We arrived as a 1st-time massage receiver and someone recovering from a head injury looking for relaxation, but walked away more upset than relaxed. We were rushed, charged extra without consent, and bruised for several days after! If I weren't injured, maybe I would've remembered to request a refund at the time of billing. As a frequent massage-receiver, I would've liked to go back, but I WILL NOT under these conditions. The receptionists, facials, and decorations were nice.Update: the staff were ammenable to my dissatisfaction for a 2nd visit and the same provider was not fully satisfactory.

  • Dana Huckleberry
    Mar 2022

    Great experience!! Loved the hot stone massage and the facial ❤

  • Vickie H. McCallum
    Jan 2022

    Absolutely amazing spa!! Highly recommend Meditative Mood Soak!!

  • Heather Stewart
    Jan 2022

    My first visit here was fantastic- definitely 5 stars. My last visit here was the opposite of fantastic. First off when I asked if I wanted a drink I said a mimosa please. The lady took me back to the changing room and after changing I kept waiting for my mimosa. I finally went to the front and asked for it then the lady said she thought I said I didn't want anything. I should've known right then that this experience would not be a good one. I started with a facial, which was pretty good, I thought. I enjoyed the products. The lady seemed like she was new and the facial massage wasn't quite what I'd call soothing but it was okay nonetheless. Then I had an 80 min hot stone massage with a male masseuse. I told the guy I like medium pressure but that I have lumbar scoliosis which really hurts so to AVOID the lower back or just use very light pressure. Again, it HURTS. He translated that into "I like to be roughly manhandled to the point of bruises and put extra pressure on my lower back." I also failed to mention my severe neck issues so two days later my neck is still killing me as well as my lower back, particularly the part he kept pushing on to "work out the knot" even after I said "that hurts" and "that's my spine, it curves right there, that is NOT a knot!" He also left a bruise on the top of my foot and my ankle has been killing me since. I also have a red mark on the back of my neck which wasn't tender to the touch before this "massage." I said a few times to please go lighter but he didn't listen. I also got maybe 5 minutes of the hot stones, if that. The hot stones were the reason I booked this particular massage to begin with. Then when I left and got in my car, I looked in the mirror to find I still had exfoliation stuff and the facial mask in splotches around my face and neck. The lady who did it couldn't be bothered to clean off my face completely. I lied to the lady at the front about how I felt just so I could get out of there. I left the spa feeling 20x WORSE than when I arrived. I spent the rest of the weekend lying on every heating pad I had and 48 hours later I'm barely starting to feel a little bit normal again and moving a little more like I should. I'm 31 and I feel like i left the spa feeling like I'm 90. The worst part is I used gift cards for these services and felt like I completely wasted them. I wish I never booked these services. I had had such a bad week and was looking forward to finally relaxing at the spa but this entire experience completely ruined it for me. The ONLY good thing I can say is that they made nice accommodations for me since I'm deaf.

  • Brianna Springer
    Dec 2021

    They charge a lot here for the experience but the experience was not worth it in my opinion. There is just a lounge with trail mix. No sauna, hot tub, or steam room to enjoy before or after. Message was decent but I had to ask multiple times for more pressure and then she would just dig her elbow into me. I get a professional massage several times a month and can certainly tell the difference. This was more of a body rub to me not a massage. I also had to wear my mask the whole time and felt like I was suffocating. I wish I could give a better review but I was expecting a little more for the cost.

  • Kerrie Midkiff
    Dec 2021

    The massage itself was good but the front desk service was horrendous. I booked a couples massage online. I called to check I had booked it online correctly, I was told that I had. When we got there, we were in separate rooms, not the experience I wanted at all. We were never told to arrive early even with the multiple emails and text messages to confirm. They opened at 9, we were there at 9, I didn't even know we could arrive early. When we arrived at 9, the front desk was rude to us and rushed us along to get to our massages. We were treated like we were in the wrong. Again, no one told us to arrive early. For the amount of money spent, I expected a nice, relaxing experience but that was far from what I received. We will not be back to this location.

  • Nyssa Davis
    Nov 2021

    This was my first time at Woodhouse spa, and it was a great experience. Nice atmosphere, clean, friendly staff. I had Michelle J for a massage and scrub/Vichy shower (I highly recommend the Vichy!). She did a great job with both, I will definitely see her again. My only suggestion would be to use warmed lotion for the massage.They have a very nice lounge area with tea and light snacks, and also a nice outdoor area. I’m not sure if the outdoor area was technically open, I did go out there to get some sun and got locked outside in my robe, but no big deal, someone let me back in.Overall a great, relaxing day!

  • Rebecca Jones
    Nov 2021

    This place is amazing. Leigh Ann is especially amazing for Prenatal massages. She has so much knowledge about pressure points and has the touch for pregnant and/non pregnant people. Sebastian is also great and knowledgeable!! He gave good advice about stretches and hot pads too. Highly recommend both LeighAnn and Sebastian!

  • Hollie Grieser
    Nov 2021

    So I've been to this location and the South Glenn location. My experience at South Glenn was much better. I was not impressed with the front desk staff, when going into the spa, I want some friendliness and warmth and unfortunately she was very robotic. Just going through the motions is how it seemed. Even when I went to check out I wanted to tip cash and she was very awkward about it. She told me she couldn't give me change and I said ok and then she told me she would seal the envelope. Normally this wouldn't seem weird but I'm wondering if they've had issues with people under tipping in the past? I've been to other high end spas and if they have an 18 or 20% tip minimum they will tell you in your confirmation email and/or verbally tell me at check out. I'm not sure if this is why she was acting weird about it but it was uncomfortable and I tipped 30% so I'm not sure why there was concern. I think this location is lacking confidence in their communication with customers. I would have preferred someone who could confidently tell me about their cash tipping policies as opposed to what I received.

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