• Tiffany B.
    Dec 2021

    I showed up and things seemed to be going very well. I felt pleased with the communication and understanding up to this point. We discussed the work and he quoted me a price ($500) to complete a tattoo (key word: complete)- however, I left with almost completed yet amazing work, no doubt the artist knows how to tattoo. The reason I will not be returning is because the tattoo is not complete. we started at noon and we stopped the tattoo at 6:18 pm (they close at 8 pm and he said, "you can go to the front desk and throw them a couple more hundreds of dollars if you want to go to 8 pm". This was not something that was discussed before we started. I understand tattoos take time, effort and may take a lot longer than some may think (I have a full back piece, so I am well aware of what it takes to be patient during the tattooing process). I am frustrated because although, Doug is a great tattoo artist and a decent person. He talks a lot during the tattoo process and every time he speaks, he takes the needle off of the skin (meaning when he wants to have a conversation he stops tattooing completely). I probably stated "oh yeah, that's cool" maybe 200 times yesterday while making minimal eye contact so he would get the hint to get back to tattooing my arm. I am happy with the work that is currently on my arm but the frustration sets in when the reason why we did not complete the tattoo is because he constantly rambled- it's unfair that I paid for a completed tattoo and had to leave with only 75% of the work done because the tattoo artist can't stop rambling and laughing about pointless S***. I get even more frustrated about it is because he rambled about crap I did not care to hear about like him F****** chicks on their periods, or how much he enjoys a chick with huge tits (after spending all day with Doug I definitely know he loves a chick with a nice rack.) He probably mentioned big tits at least 50 times yesterday. I played it off and laughed with him in order to just go along to get along. In the 6.5 hours I was there, I used the restroom 3 times (probably 3-4 minutes were taken away from the session each time. that doesn't equal 6.5 hours of tattooing to leave with an incomplete tattoo), I also ate half a sandwich - taking away another 3 minutes from the tattoo session. As I'm getting tattooed, the secretary brings over a drawing that a customer wants to eventually get tattooed on him. She states that the customer has a budget of $500 to get a tattoo on his forearm (the tattoo she showed doug was three times bigger than the size of mine). Doug stated" Oh his budget is only $500?" and then he agreed to do it as I'm sitting right there with a tattoo smaller than what that guy is asking for (still incomplete). So, note to self : next time go into the shop and say that I have a budget so it'll be cheaper? That doesn't sit right with me. So because I'm not a cheap skate with what goes onto my body I should automatically pay more than the cheapskate that can't afford it? As we're wrapping it up, Doug stops tattooing and says yep this is a good stopping point. I get up, look in the mirror and I'm confused on why we stopped, and the tattoo is not done. He looks at me and says, " well you can give the desk more money and we can keep going". To me, I shouldn't have to because he quoted me $500 for a completed tattoo and it still wasn't finished because he can't stop rambling. and here is the icing to the cake- because I appreciate the work of tattooing and even though I was clearly upset to leave with unfinished work. I still tipped Doug. Yes, it was only $40. After typing this out and reading through my own experience- I wish I didn't tip him at all and I wish I could've told him to his face how much of a terrible experience it was for me to be listening to him ramble for almost 7 hours, watching the clock go by as the tattoo barely got worked on. I've been getting tattoos since I was 16 years old, I am n

  • Sous Chef Stevie G
    Oct 2021

    After 22 years I came to this spot to get a new tattoo by a man named doug a really nice positive cheerful guy in which he claims to have 30yrs of being an artist under his belt so I put my trust and faith in this man and the quality is far from great he talked and talked and talked and talked instead of focusing on the task at hand and you can clearly see where he dug deep in my forearm all I did was do what was recommended to keep it clean and moisturized lil did I know that he dug a hole in my arm got it on a wens day took this picture after a wash the following monday needless to say I will NOT!! be coming back to this spot and after all this I still paid $250 anybody out there who reads this feel like I got ripped off???Service: Tattoos

  • Victor Rivera
    Oct 2021

    Awesome place everyone was friendly my tattoo came out great

  • Shirley Denney
    Sep 2021

    This place is awesome…Dale is the man !! Everyone is kind, it’s clean highly recommended

  • N Hoang
    Sep 2021

    We will only see Ricky. He's cool and the best.

  • Rajendra prasad
    Sep 2021

    Julian did impressive job. It is my first tattoo. It was quick. Definitely recommend. He did exactly what I expected.

  • blair marziana
    Aug 2021

    do you guys do tattoos on 16 year olds with parental consent?

  • Diana
    Aug 2021

    Very clean, professional and organized. Can take walk ins at times so give them a call or go down to the store. Would recommend

  • Melissa Starnes
    Jul 2021

    Great going to have more added

  • The Crimson Cake
    Jul 2021

    Came in for a walk-in tattoo that other shops insisted I needed an appointment for. They got me in same day. No attitude, eye for detail, great music, beautiful tattoo. Thanks!

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