• Skotty Rong
    Nov 2021

    this is the BEST place to come.

  • Vanessa
    Nov 2021

    I got acrylic nails done and the lady who did them was getting upset because I was telling her how I wanted them. She was very rude and throwing my hands around. I was in between two ladies and they saw how she treated me. I kept telling her my acrylics were crooked and she grabbed my hand and was showing the other employees and the two ladies I was in between, asking them if they saw what I saw and saying Shes not the professional. Her co-worker said it was crooked and to file it down. The lady doing my nails was upset and continued to toss my hands around & pull my arms, mind you I’ve kept my composure and remained respectful. I have 4 cuts on my hands and my nails weren’t put on correctly after I kept telling her. She then asked for my payment and said she will fix when I’m done paying because of the “paint”.. I gave her benefit of the doubt and paid for my service. She had me wash my hands and colored my nails and did not fix them, after she painted she left me there with out saying anything and took another client and started to work. I was left looking stupid still in between two ladies and one of them even commented to get them done next time by Her tech, she saw how messed up my nails were. I even asked her nail tech to check my nails and she did and said I was fine to go. I am very upset. I still even tipped her and said I hope you treat others differently. my first time experience there and my last. These aren’t fixable I would have to pay to get them redone. THEY HAVE CAMERAS! ITS ALL ON VIDEO. IVE NEVER MADE A BAD REVIEW UNTIL NOW. Highly DO NOT RECOMMEND.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Esmeralda Zamudio
    Nov 2021

    It was not the best experience. I’m not sure if the tech was having a bad day I want to give her the benefit of doubt. I asked for a red French nail tip and she put white instead. I even tried to correct her but that’s when she told me she was going to put it after. The clear coating also has spots in it. She got nail polish on a big part of my hand and then on my right middle finger. She also managed to smear the silver polish on my pinky nail. The nails are cute but were not worth the amount they charged for. I most likely won’t be returning and will give another nail salon a chance.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Thistle B
    Nov 2021

    This is the second time that the girl cut me during a pedicure. It will be the last time.

  • Thistle B.
    Nov 2021

    I've been there quit a few times and had different people do my pedicure. This is the second time I have been cut during. After I feel like she rushed through the rest of the pedicure just to get us out of there even though I didn't make a stink about it either time. Just hope I don't get an infection. I don't like to leave bad reviews because I know it's a hard job but twice. I won't be going back there.

  • David N.
    Oct 2021

    Les nails have been awesome I have such a repore with macy and andy they rock and totally recommend worth the wait but make appt they are always busy!!

  • Kathy C.
    Oct 2021

    I went to Le's nails today for the first time. Kimmy did my nails better than I've ever had them done. Kimmy also did my eyelashes which she did to perfection. The entire salon had a really good vibe, and I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else. Thank you Kimmy

  • Yesenia G.
    Oct 2021

    I personally enjoy this salon a lot. This was my go to place until I had a TERRIBLE and EMBARRASSING moment. Back story: My mother had a blood spot under one of her nails where her acrylic had previously lifted from her nail bed. The manager went out of her way to come tell me that my mom had nail fungus. I'm a nursing student and I know that it is not fungus. But she kept insisting it was. She kept talking about it with her employees in their language and bringing up the word "fungus". And of course all clients knew who she was taking about. My poor mom kept getting stared at and wanted to cry. I felt embarrassed, pissed, and unhappy since it was a false rumor. Bottom of the story; I will never return since they lack professionalism, and any form of privacy between the nail tech and their client. For that reason, I'll be going somewhere else.

  • Dale Ryder
    Oct 2021

    Bella is the best! Love her sweet spirit ..and of course beautiful nails!

  • Christina M.
    Oct 2021

    Made an appointment just to make sure I could get seen.. just because I always see this salon is so busy when I walk by. Please beware you will not have a "spa" or even enjoyable experience due to "stylists" feeling like quantity is better than quality. My cuticles were cut barely soaked then, rushed out when I wanted to sit 1 minute to let my toe nails dry. I had a gift certificate and was treated terrible! I had a gift certificate and got treated terribly and like I wouldn't tip. Which quite honestly, I did not want to. I was rushed and treated like crap. But I said take the money and just walked out. Apparently you need to have a designated nail technician to be treated with respect and have enjoyable experience.

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