• Erin Phillips
    Dec 2021

    Yesterday, I'm searching for a barbershop that can get the style that I need for my hair. I was so cheerful on the grounds that I feel delightful with my new look. Thank you kindly!

  • Ronald F.
    Nov 2021

    Been trying to find a great beard guy in San Diego for around 5 years without success. Then I found Sam Sanchez at Bob's. The man's an artist....

  • Michael B.
    Oct 2021

    SAM'S THE MAN ! Or should I say Sam is my brand new barber. After my long term ( over 6 years ) local barber near home decided to go part time since the covid lockdown ended I decided to find a more reliable barber shop. My wife suggested this place this morning which is still only 2.8 miles from home. I jetted over to Hwy 101 and angle parked a few doors down. At around 11.45am I walked in and there were 2 male barbers cutting hair in the small shop...and no one appeared to be waiting. I asked the barber nearest me...was there a wait, what the cost of a haircut was and was it cash only ? The barber said $30 cash and I'm next. DONE DEAL ! The friendly barber...named Sam offered me a chair to sit in while I waited for him to finish up on the guy in the chair...which only took a few minutes. Sam said he needed to clean his hair cutting zone and then I was asked to sit in the barber's chair. Now Sam surprised me because he was doing a lot of scissor cutting up front..very dexterous instead of just buzz cutting both sides and the back. We started to get to know each other a bit....and then I told Sam about our recent vacation in New York. Sam liked that because he had not yet been to New York. The barber shop had a nice vibe, Sam had a nice friendly personality and so did his co-worker Nick. GOOD PLACE ! After we finished up Sam gave me his business card and reminded me he works Wed through Sunday. I gave Sam my business card for my website. I think Sam gave me the BEST HAIRCUT I've had in many years. TIL NEXT TIME !

  • Brett J.
    Sep 2021

    The owner of this shop, Nicholas, is awesome! I was in front of his shop, when he totally stuck his neck out to help me in a time of need. He totally didn't have to either. Awesome guy! I didn't have time to get a haircut and based on the reviews of this place, that's a bummer!

  • Craig T.
    Apr 2021

    If you're looking for a prison/army haircut this is the place to go. The second chair barber, Sam clipped my whole head , made me look like a bowling ball. Don't think this man owns scissors. One of the worst haircuts I have ever had. Could have saved the money and done this at home myself, and probably still looked better.

  • Richard Naranjo
    Apr 2021

    I desperately needed a haircut while visiting Southern California. I made an appointment at Bob's band got one of the best haircuts of my life.

  • Bob Michell
    Mar 2021

    Excellent as always Bob makes me even purtier!

  • James Downey
    Feb 2021

    Best haircut in town. Bummer they are closed because of lockdowns. If anyone has a way of contacting Nick let me know where I can find it.

  • Evan Hoenig
    Jan 2021

    This is the only place that I get my hair cut now. I lived in Solana Beach 3 years ago and started seeing Nick. He's super friendly and knows what he's doing. I've since moved and now make the 40 min drive to continue to go here, because it's worth it.

  • Hector M.
    Nov 2020

    Sam and Nick are awesome barbers both have cut my hair, always took their time and cut it exactly how i wanted,  hands down the best barber shop in Solana Beach

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