• Marcy B
    Nov 2021

    I was waiting on the couch lady that worked their saw two guys outside sat them at massage first with no appointment and told me to come back ina ahour

  • Dead Inside Spanketh
    Nov 2021

    Amazing massage. She worked out a lot of my knots.

  • Jenna L.
    Sep 2021

    I asked for the extend the 60 min massage to a 90 min. He told me I was to heavy and ended the service at 60. I was polite but mortified. The vibe in the lobby was bad, the couple up front were examining the tip I gave. Make sure to ask to out the towel back on your bare behind.

  • Miah Lopez
    Aug 2021

    These people will steal from you! Do not trust going here!!

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Aug 2021


  • Charles B.
    Jul 2021

    Called and made appointment for 1 hour Massage. Linda was outstanding felt very relaxed she took care of me. My body felt relaxed after the massage . I would Highly recommend this place .

  • Alex W.
    Jul 2021

    First time trying the location and it's a basic service with no frills location. Walking in through the front, you will be asked what type of service you will want. Once chosen, you will be directed to where you need to go. We both tried a 60 minutes body massage and were led to a single room with a curtain separator. I was given the massage by a female and my significant other was given one by a male. Totally thought they would have swapped and perhaps you can speak up about it before entering the room. You won't be given any instructions on what you should be doing. You'll just be told to get ready and just lie down on the bed with your face into the hole. They want you to remove everything down to your underpants. They do not want any sports bra on according to my significant other. With only your underwear on, they will start the massage. During the massage, they will move your underwear as well to massage your butt as well. Definitely a tad more "invasive" as they also don't use a towel to cover you up during the massage. To each their own, but not what I prefer now that I've had it. In regards to the massage, it's not exactly a Swedish deep tissue massage. The massage focuses on initially prodding your muscles to look for tenseness. Then it's more focused on hitting your pressure points to relieve tension as well as a lot of pulling and pushing down. While it doesn't sound terrible, my significant other and I thought they just kept massaging as hard as they can. During the massage process, my significant other and I had a moment when we realized that the person giving the massage got on their knees and straddled our heads between their thighs. They did to reach from the neck to your butt. This was quite awkward and to quote my significant other, she felt the person's bulge on her head when she was being massaged like that. Then when the male was massaging her from the sides, she sometimes felt the bulge on the tips of her fingers too. My significant other thought it wasn't on purpose, but not a pleasant feeling to have when being massaged. Coming out of the massage, I left with muscle soreness from my neck to my shoulder blades and not in a pleasant way. Some of my knots around the shoulder blade were loosened up from the process, but definitely not all of them. The knots at my back and my legs were pretty much left alone. For me, about 10 minutes left of the massage, I was told to flip over and then a towel was used to cover my hip region. She didn't do any frontal chest regions, but did the forearms and arms and legs. What I didn't like was they put a towel over your head during this part to cover you up. Being Asian, that signifies to me a departed person on a death bed so I didn't prefer that aspect at all. Another thing was that during the whole massage, the person doing the massage left the room six times to do something/check something. Hard to say what she was doing, but not a fully dedicated service during the massage. After the massage, you are given a small dixie cup of water and then asked to pay. To be noted, the rooms aren't very private and sound travels. You can speak to the room next door if you wanted to as well. All in all, I find it a hard pass for me. It's definitely a preference to have this type of a massage treatment and I can definitely say it's not my preference. I don't think I want a massage like that again since my muscles took some bengay and salonpas to recover and I had a hard time sleeping with my neck like that for the next two nights. Up to you if you want to give it a try, but be warned the massage is pretty invasive and uncomfortable at times.

  • Brittany Daniels
    Jun 2021

    I'm not sure if there was a miscommunication but when my mom and I went in we asked for the 1 hour $25 foot massage but my mom decided to change her mind before they started and wanted the full body instead because they quoted her $35 each per hour. I gave my card to the register before we started to treat my mom and when we were done they ended up charging me $45 each. I didnt kknow they quoted my mom $35 so I just paid it and tipped $10. When my mom came out she tipped $10 to her person and we left. She was mad later that they quoted her $10 cheaper but charged me more. We probably won't be coming back and it's kinda sad because it's so close to home and even though it's a reasonable price, my mom felt like they lied to us and charged me more just make an extra $20. So if the owner wants to pitch in then feel free to explain. Till then we'll continue our search.Massage quality wise, it's hit or miss. Mine was ok. Not the best but not the worst. Felt like she didn't really try to work out the tension and was just going through the motions. My mom said hers didn't listen to her on where she's hurting and what to avoid. Like she said to not massage her neck and he massaged her neck anyways and she told him where to focus but he ignored her. The walls are thin so i heard her request from another room and i heard him say ok. She's been sore since and is bruised now.

  • G. C.
    Jun 2021

    I'm all for supporting small mom & pops store-- especially after a tough year such as 2020/2021, but wow. I would say I've gotten a number of massages in the LA area (SGV and SFV), but this experience was quite lacking and just overall, yikes. I opted for their 60 minute body massage with oil and hot stones. My masseuse seemed rather inexperienced and just unnecessarily rough. I started in my stomach as most places do. He started on the back of my neck and upper back and I had to mention several times that his elbow was digging into my skin. He spent what seemed to be an eternity on my back and then moved onto my legs- spent couple seconds on upper arm, but nothing below my elbow including my palms and fingers. Legs were rushed also- there was some dabbing here and there on my thighs and calves. I was anticipating turning on over, so he could work on my shoulders. I also was excited for hot stones because it's been a weeeeek. Before any of this happens, I am told the massage is done. I thought I misheard what he said, so I asked if we're done-done and he said "Yes." I went outside trying to figure out how to phrase my disappointment for the service. I go out to the front and it's the masseuse who's ringing me up. This made me think maybe all the masseuses were taken and the big boss decided to step in. After he rang me up, I approached the younger gentleman who initially was manning the front desk when I came into the establishment. I asked about the hot stone situation. I didn't understand why I was paying $45 when I didn't get the full service. I was told that because of COVID regulations and sanitizing purposes, it would just be too much work. What? This is something that needs to be disclosed to customers BEFOREHAND. And then he followed up with, it's really a customer's choice and that if we had let them know beforehand, they would have been prepared for hot stones. Once again, what??? I'm not from the area, but my gosh, utterly lacking.

  • Blanca Cruz
    Apr 2021

    Been coming here for the past five years. It’s absolutely the most amazing massage spa in town. They focus on your stress nots & make sure you feel comfortable. If you can’t take a little pain this is not the place for you! Hence, great massages are supposed to relive you from all stress, in order to do that they have to go in there with strength.

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Asian Spa

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