• Drew M.
    Nov 2021

    Went and got a French too acrylic manicure. She did white tips with clear coat and charged as if she did a acrylic manicure which she did nothing but glue tips on ad a top coat. She didn't even brush off the dust in my nails which left some bubbles and now half of my nails is white instead of a tip. She didn't even touch the underneath of my nails and left tons of residue.

  • BeachBaby C.
    Oct 2021

    Had a gel mani here. The lady that did my nails was really rough and it felt like she was shaving off some of the layers on my nails while using the filing tool. The gel polish was very watery, it kept leaking all over my fingers and she had to literally do like 5 coats. The LED drying lamp she used to dry my gel coats was full of other gel polish. Some even baked on the bottom of one of my fingers. I asked her to clean it and she took the cuticle took and started pulling the polish off of my skin, along with my skin! I said ouch! She kept doing it, I pulled my hand back and said that hurts!! Then she laughed. As she was cleaning the rest of my nails up, she tried pulling the polish off of my skin again with the cuticle tool. I said ouch that's ok just leave it! She jacked up the polish on my thumb and I just wanted to get out of there so I didn't have her fix it. I WILL NOT be returning to this nail salon, like ever.

  • Adelaid G.
    Oct 2021

    Add this to the list of terrible reviews! I REALLY should have read Yelp before setting foot inside but I didn't do my research. I was out on Saturday running errands and as I was walking out of ulta I figured why drive to my normal shopping center a few miles away? Why not just get my nails done asap? Well now I know why and I won't be returning. The staff are not friendly. The place is supposed to be following "COVID Protocols" yet the seating area is dusty. Shouldn't you be cleaning between clients? I ended up spending $95 for a gel manicure and pedicure. Talk about getting robbed by a business!

  • S M C
    Oct 2021

    This is my go to nail salon ever since they opened. Love them!Only downside is the gentleman that is at the front desk/answering phones. He's not a friendly person to be the face of this establishment.

  • nancy s.
    Oct 2021

    LUCY always NAILS it! I've tried the other artists there but Lucy always makes sure to triple check to see if my nails are even. She takes her time to make sure that every nail is perfectly shaped. I have never gotten as many compliments on my nails before! I recommend everyone to see Lucy. I attached a picture to show what I asked for versus what she gave me, she was spot on! Management also took care of me because I wasn't happy with my nails from another artist. Overall they deserve a 5 star review.

  • Michelle S.
    Sep 2021

    After being cut horribly, and the uncomfortable (and ripped) chairs at Joy Nails in the same shopping center, I decided to come here for a spa pedicure. I dragged my boyfriend in as well for his first pedicure experience. I have to say, it was a wonderful experience. We chose pedicure #3 or #2 and our nail techs did not pressure us into doing the more expensive pedicures, which was nice. The nail techs also talked with us and made us laugh, which is nice compared to the quiet or awkward experiences we've had elsewhere. My tech was Tammy, we didn't catch the name of my boyfriend's. Tammy learned my name and used it throughout, which made me feel like a valued customer. And the warm lotion was a treat! Never experienced that before. Thank you, we look forward to returning!

  • Melissa E.
    Sep 2021

    Yvonne is the only one at this salon that is talented and kind. I've had other technicians cut me and do a poor job with a very simple gel pedicure. I called today to schedule and Tammy told me to go somewhere else because Yvonne is out of town and that they don't want my business. She also continued to speak over me and cut me off when I tried to explain I just want a technician that won't cut me or do a poor paint job... insanely horrible customer service. Now the same girl I've been going to for 3 years is losing a loyal customer due to them turning away my business. Go somewhere else.

  • Summer H.
    Sep 2021

    Horrible mani pedi. Over priced. Sliced off my toe skin on my entire toe buffing and scrapping an inch above my mail bed. My toe is on fire from being scrapped. My cuticles on my manicure are horrible and the paint looks like a two year old did it. Told me she didn't do my cuticles much Bc she thought it would hurt me. Why did I pay $60 for this?. Next.

  • Deborah Nysen
    Aug 2021

    We got waited on pretty fast and they did a fantastic job on our pedicures.

  • mekakay Lee
    Aug 2021

    I took my kids to Barnes and Noble thought I would get my nails done while I am out. I stood at the door for a few minutes until they decided they could see me. A guy finished a ladies feet then comes to the table. I hoped he washed his hands when he walked to the back to go talk and grab a bite of food. This experience was horrible I couldn't wait to get out of there that Man was so rough! He burned me twice the cut me so deep blood was dripping out! You know he didn't even stop to put something on it! He says something in their language and she said put alcohol on it! Seriously! I asked for a coffin shape that I always get he told me he would do square for me that's not what I ask for! He did the Ugliest thick square nails I hate them and I have a very painful cut that I'm watching for infection. They got gel polish all over my cut as if it wasn't there. One of the ladies offered to fix my nails but after that experience would you give them the chance to hurt you more?! I paid 50$ for the worst nails I've ever had in my life!!Service: Acrylic nails

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