• Alpha “Pej”
    Sep 2021

    Massage was absolutely great. The facility was a disappointment as was the front desk receptionist on the way out. The men's sauna was out of service amd when I mentioned this to the girl at the front, she looked surprised. I asked how long it will stay broken and she said "don't ask me, I'm new. I've 'only' been here for 2 months". Really?? Two months and u're still new?

  • Asha S.
    Sep 2021

    Right when I came in, I was greeted with an unhappy customer discussing with an employee about add-ons she didn't agree to so that should have been my first sign. I shrugged it off and decided to go forward anyway. I was given a tour and told where to meet my massage therapist while the employee complained to me how it was ridiculously busy day and she was having a bad day. After waiting 15 minutes and realizing that it was already 7 minutes into my appointment and no one got me, I found an employee and asked about this. I did not appreciate having to go in the front in a robe to find out I was not checked out properly. There was a miscommunication with the massage therapist I was supposed to see. Apparently she was overbooked and when they brought me to her room, she and the other employee got into a bit of an argument in front me...not a great way to start off a massage. The massage was the worst I received. I was rushed to undress and got on the table. We barely talked about the pressure that would be used and what to focus on. She didn't even hit the areas we discussed. I didn't appreciate the snide remarks during the massage. There were a few times where she didn't realize how hot the stones were which slightly ruined the experience. After the massage was done which I did not feel relaxed at all, I had my facial. The woman who did my facial did a decent job. They make excuses being rude their customers. Also I didn't see any social distancing taking place either which was unsettling. Overall, I would not recommend this place and don't understand how they are still business.

  • Effirama Q.
    Aug 2021

    I'm so sad to give this score as I used to come here with my friends as a birthday gift from my mom. It's been at least 6 or 7 years since I've had a service at Spa Greg. My friend wanted to get a Barbor facial which she stated that the esthetician told her it was her own of style of applying the product. My friend was under the impression it's a certain technique used. Nevertheless, my friend asked me if I wanted to come along. I decided on the back facial which is listed under facials on their treatment menu. When we arrived, I didn't notice any upgrades and or improvements made to the facility from when I was last there. Someone was celebrating a birthday and even the signage was the exact same from when I would go years ago. I will say that there was a ton of laminated marketing and banner which kind of took away from the "spa feel". When we checked in, the young lady at the desk told me that my back facial was 45 mins and I could do a 15 min add on. She mentioned that I could get a foot scrub, leg scrub, or a back massage. I was interested in the back massage. Upon checking in, my friend and I went to the locker room, put on our robes, and shortly thereafter I was called in for my treatment promptly at 4. My esthetician was super friendly but here is were I have concerns. A part of my treatment was the both of discussing the add-on I can get. My esthetician only offered a foot scrub. When I told her I was interested in the back massage, she mentioned not having time to do it. So why was it offered to me? esthetician told me I already get it w my treatment which I knew but I wanted the back massage to be extended. Nevertheless I agreed to the foot scrub which was not 15 mins. As mentioned, my esthetician was friendly but I can feel that she was rushing. So we discussed the add-on, that ate into my treatment time. She would wash her dishes during my treatment which also factored into my time, she didn't mirror her work. Meaning what she did on one side, was different then the other side. I chalked that up to her rushing. I never had a back facial so I was curious to see hear her recommendation was about my back...nothing. She did give me a scrub to take home... which I thought was nice. My massage was over five minutes till the hour. Before I paid, I checked in on Yelp. There is a promotion that pops up once you check in, you get $15 off a facial or a massage. When I showed the young lady at the front desk, she told me my service doesn't fit the criteria. I didn't understand, back facial was listed under facial. Just a so so experience. I don't think I'll be coming back.

  • Audrey L.
    Jul 2021

    My daughter surprised me with a massage for my birthday. Renell was so wonderful and intuitive. I wish I lived closer to come back on a regular basis. I will come back and treat myself when I can. She took away my headache, and knots out of my neck. The facility was very clean and tranquil. The receptionist was friendly. All the amenities are there for you too.

  • L B.
    Jul 2021

    I have been going to Spa Gregorie's for the last 15 years or more! It is always a wonderful experience and I want to call out Christine Aloian. Her facials are amazing and she is so lovely. From the minute you step in the treatment room, you are at peace. I just went back after COVID restrictions for the first time in over 18 months today and had such a calming, thorough facial. Christine is such a professional and I highly recommend her! I plan on scheduling monthly facials with Christine plus in the past I have worked with Christine on tanning and bikini wax and all were fantastic experiences! My daughter is also a total Christine fan and will be going back now that the spa is fully open.

  • Anne O.
    Jul 2021

    I had a 90 min massage today with Dorothy, it was AMAZING. She listened to my concerns and areas of pain and definitely worked her magic! It was soooo relaxing and enjoyable, I couldn't recommend Dorothy enough. The entire staff was so polite and welcoming. I definitely had such a wonderful experience and I hope to be back soon!

  • Samiya H.
    Jun 2021

    This is only regarding the services I received. After a year of remote work, "homeschooling" and social isolation, I took my tense ass to the spa for rub down and to do something about the grime collecting in my frown lines (which developed starting in 2016). The spa itself is clean, beautiful and calm. I went in knowing that the showers, lockers and sauna weren't going to be available. And I'm completely fine with that! They are doing their best to ensure the safety of those choosing to be there. I got a package with a signature facial and massage. My facial was good and very professional. I know they have to sell the products they use, but she was non stop talking during the facial. Like, I couldn't completely relax because she gave me the play by play of what she was doing, applying and what I should eat. Afterwards, she told me I was going to have one of the "best masseuse" in the spa. I was excited. What a let down. I barely felt the woman's hands on my back. I let the massage therapist know she could put more pressure and she did, for about 3 minutes. Then she went back to the light touch. Her style of massaging was really weird. It felt like she was pushing off my body to stand up, very difficult to explain, but I managed to show many of my family members how it was. They were amused and then promptly annoyed. Did I mention the cold oil she used on me? It wasn't warmed up or anything, she slapped it on me cold. I couldn't relax. After this weird rub down, she said good bye and left me, oiled up under the sheet. With the showers unavailable, why wouldn't she at least wipe some of this off? My sister was with me that day and she had the same experience with the oiled up, left on the table to try to wipe some of it off to get clothes on. Wth? So it's obviously a training thing. I still paid the full price and left a tip. My entire family was surprised that I did since I didn't have a good experience. I figured I'm not going back and wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. That's what I'm doing. Uppity place, average services. And of course, these are all Cadillac problems so my complaints are small compared to the state of the world.

  • Jeannette S
    May 2021

    I was lucky to have met Aaron as my masseuse and wish I lived in the area because I would see him weekly! I love and always request deep tissue but I'm unfortunately usually disappointed yet, Aaron is incredible! I left feeling stress relieved, refreshed and renewed.

  • Emily S.
    May 2021

    I was making phone calls all day to find a spa that did extractions , my skin really needed it for months it was getting bad! I am so glad I stumbled upon Spa Gregory, it was beautiful, clean, professional, and I didn't have to wait long at all! Christina was my esthetician and recommended to me over the phone. She was passionate, down to earth, we had great conversations and she made my skin look amazing seriously a night and day difference it was worth every single penny I spent. I highly recommend her I never go to facials ever and this was such a wonderful experience!!

  • Linda P.
    May 2021

    My husband and I were here for our anniversary and booked 90 minute massages. My massage was with Dorothy and my husbands was with Lanae. The massages were absolutely amazing!!!! Some of the best massages we have had in years. The spa itself is beautiful and peaceful. We highly recommend! We cannot wait to go back!!

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