• Kelly T.
    Aug 2021

    So I got to finish this beauty on Tuesday! I could not be anymore amazed and happy with the end result. @kikifiligree ( Kaitlyn) you are truly amazing and have such amazing talent! I can not wait to add more also, if you are thinking about getting a tattoo she's your girl and this is a sign! She's so talented, creative, sweet and CLEAN! Lol that goes far nowadays. Hit her up and don't forget to follow!!! Love you girl, and thank you again for this beautiful creature #Capricorn #mermaid #siren #zodiac #CapricornMermaid #capricorntattoo

  • Ben W.
    Jul 2021

    Artwork has the worst lines & some look like prison tattoos seriously. I thought this was supposed to be the best. I'm coming out from OK to CA was going to get a tat after looking at the tats on the portfolios and the shaky off centered tattoos. I don't understand how this has gotten high ratings. Oklahoma tats must have the top market with some tattoo artists right now. Crazy.

  • Steven Mora
    Jul 2021

    Great work professional and Sal is awesome.

  • Adrianna O.
    May 2021

    Highly recommend Sal, he's great. Puts a lot attention to detail and delivers what you want. I especially appreciate the saniderm tape he puts on the tattoos afterwards. Makes the healing process so much easier. I'm definitely coming back. In fact, in less then 1 week I got 3 tattoos from him, and I'll definitely be back for more.

  • Beulah Castro
    Feb 2021

    I got a Agape Art Collective piercing done by Steve. Steve was informative and very respectful, in no time did he make me feel uncomfortable.. The piercing was smooth didn't hurt Agape Art Collective. The place is clean and the theme is Agape Art Collective.

  • Tayla C.
    Feb 2021

    I love Ayauna Taylor! She's is the most amazing & kind tattoo artist ever. She is attentive and knows what she's doing. Her work is spectacular hence why I have gone to her so many times. She has an Instagram @yaya__ink. Just book with her in all honestly, she knows what she's doing and listens to her clients. She creates beautiful work and Agape Art Collective in all is a very welcoming place and relax tone through out the shop. Everyone is friendly and amazing tattoo artists. I'm very glad I booked an appointment and will continue to!

  • Anaiya F.
    Feb 2021

    Yaya does an amazing job this cheap lady Maria who complained and is being a Karen was extremely difficult to work with and she wanted something completely copied from the internet. Was completely rude through messenger and only posted what she wanted y'all to see. She was even offered a discount Bc she didn't want to pay for her next session even tho she rushed out of the tattoo place in an hour and said she needed to be somewhere. Not yaya's fault. I have about 5 tattoos done by yaya and she's so gentle and amazing to work with her prices are also great! If you are rude and demanding and want something copied exactly from the internet don't go to her and complain like this Maria girl. My beautiful tattoos are below! Yaya Is the best Check her ig!

  • Aj C.
    Feb 2021

    i've been going to this shop since the beginning of covid & can i just say the experience has been like my tattoo family! my favorite artist is yauna aka yayas ink she takes her time with her designs & makes sure that you're happy with things before hand. she's very professional & the sweetest. you feel right at home. the shop as a whole is a vibe & in times like this we need at least one spot we can go to & leave happy.

  • Ashley H.
    Feb 2021

    I absolutely love this shop I've had three sessions so far and another three booked with Yaya. She is somehow only an apprentice but has done better line work than other artists I've seen that I've been doing this for so much longer. She's so sweet and committed to giving you a piece that she feels proud of and you will love. She literally spends hours designing pieces for people and as always super helpful if there's anything in the design you want to tweak. I get so many compliments on the pieces she's done so far and I look forward to a lot more sessions with her. 10/10 Book a session now

  • Maria G.
    Feb 2021

    Where to begin? For those who don't really read long reviews; I'll summarize what I am about to say below for you. I went to Yaya, an apprentice of the shop. I do not recommend her AT ALL. Don't show her an image you like on her Instagram because she doesn't recreate it. If you go in with an idea, she will force her "professional opinion" on you and make it super awkward if you disagree. You will need to have a completely open schedule (in her words, a 5 hour time block) even if you have a small tattoo, if she does not finish your tattoo, be prepared to pay for the new price of tattoo again and potentially have her tell you that she doesn't feel comfortable completing it (like she did with me). If I could put 0/5 stars, I would. I am left with an incomplete tattoo and need for find a new artist, since she doesn't refuses to finish what she started. For those who want to know the whole story:: I contacted Yaya via Instagram because I found a tattoo that I absolutely loved on her page. She informed me that she did not repeat the same tattoo (for whatever reason) but could do it with 2 flowers (symbolizing my children). She informed me that since it was a small tattoo it would be $50/hour; her minimum was $100 (but it was small enough to most likely it would take the hour- i was fine with that). When I showed up day of, she showed me a completely different picture if what she created for me. I was open in still having it as it was cute; not the same picture I wanted but it was cute. I requested if she would also be able to put my son's names on the bottom and it took her 1.5 hours to create potential designs with it. Nothing hard, I just wanted small cursive writing. The fonts were still very big because she was not comfortable going smaller. I told her we can move on without it because I didn't want a big tattoo and it was taking WAY TOO long for something so simple. Before starting on the tattoo, she placed the tattoo off centered. I told her I would prefer it on a location in the middle of my arm. She kept insisting that it was off centered and wanted to ask the owner for his professional opinion. We awkwardly went to him he said it looked good. I then asked if she could do a small border of the heart and she said she recommended no border but if she did it and I still wanted a border, she could do that. I agreed, she informed me that it would be a quick tattoo. I had informed her that I needed to be done in 45min due to personal reasons. She told me if we did not finish, I could come back. While doing my tattoo, the phone kept constantly going off and she was the only one answering. While we approached the 45min I had requested for her to stop and I would come back; she insisted she was almost done. She completed the heart and I rushed out. She informed me that I could go back once it healed (a month later). Fast forward to yesterday, I sent her a picture of my tattoo and she referred me to book an appointment online at her new rate. There was a lot of back and forth of what happened that day and I simply told her I wanted to MOVE FORWARD and move on. She informed me that completing my small tattoo would take another 45 minutes (potentially longer). That was new news to me, even then I was okay with paying her the $50 rate. I was about to send her payment via Venmo where she asked if all I wanted was for her to complete the tattoo. I told her yes and informed her that I wanted a border because the lines were off. She then informed me that the placement of the tattoo (where I wanted it) it would look off centered. I told her that I thought it was perfectly placed. She then informed me that she did not feel comfortable working with me again. So here I am, writing a review hoping no one goes through I went through and is informed of the small details she leaves out when you book: she won't repeat a tattoo, she will create a completely different image, you need a 5 hour time block and will make it awkward if you disagree with her. I understand she has only been at it fo

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