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  • Brittany H.
    Nov 2021

    Rude. Told me to message them on insta for an appointment. I messaged 4 times and never got a response. I just gave up and showed up to the shop and was not helped and was not able to get what I wanted and they got mad at me for not messaging them on insta. I said I did and the lady said well I'm hardly on there. Why would you tell me to message you there when you are never on there then refuse to help me when I show up. Terrible. Never again !

  • Ashley W.
    Nov 2021

    I love getting gel pedicures done here! I highly recommend making an appointment first because they're booked most of the time.

  • That Strange Chick13
    Nov 2021

    I have been hesitant to post this review but I've had enough of people treating others like this so I'll say what nobody else will. I made an appointment for 10am on a Sunday. I showed up about 10 minutes early. They were NOT busy! I walk in and was greeted nicely at first, but as I was standing there talking to the guy asking me what I needed done, the lady with long blonde hair kept looking me up and down. She interrupted the guy I was talking to and rudely asked me if I could come back later, even though I had an appointment and had just explained what I was there for. There were at least 3 people that could have done my nails. Your salon isn't that upscale honey ? I got my nails done elsewhere where my money was accepted with open hands! Karma will get ya! Oh yeah and my friend at work said they treated her the same way! What a lovely way to run a business.

  • Katelyn B.
    Oct 2021

    Best nail salon in Encinitas - they are attentive, thorough, and do a great job every time!

  • Trisha V.
    Oct 2021

    Encinitas needs more great nail salons. Nailpop has been consistently good for my nails. The color options are on-trend. They have fair prices and it is not too hard to get an appointment. If you want to have long nails or special designs I would call ahead to make sure someone who specializes in that has time. My gel manicure lasted a month. I wash my hands alot but don't pick at my nails or bite them.

  • Natalie R.
    Sep 2021

    This is my favorite nail salon. I've been going here for over a year and all the technicians I've had are amazing. The salon is very clean and they do a consistent great job. I love going in and getting my nails done by these stars.

  • Daniela S.
    Sep 2021

    I've been going to Grace for over a year now, and have gotten multiple acrylic sets, and I can't recommend her enough! She is a perfectionist and always does an amazing job, especially when it comes to nail art! Also, her acrylic powder has never damaged my nail bed and I can go 3-5 weeks in between fills with out loosing any nails. Jessica has done my nails in the past, and she's great too!

  • su ibos
    Sep 2021

    I got pedicure which looks very unprofessional! It looks like I would have cut my nails by myself. The lady who made it was like being in rush, she didn’t work much on the nails, just wanted to finish as soon as possible. She pushed me to choose a color from the palette. I showed her a picture of nail polish-color and asked her to show me the closest color she had. She didn’t wanna help me, and was talking demeaning to me. I asked her coworker and she treated me the same way. She almost yelled to me because the polish i chooses was for Acryl. But how can I know that? I was just going by the color. And than they were talking in Vietnamese.No respect at all!I kept being calm, just wanted to be ready to go.You have to learn to be respectful and nice to customers!!!Services: Pedicures

  • Nessie B.
    Aug 2021

    I really love this place. Everyone is really nice and friendly. I usually get my nails done with Grace bc she's able to do beautiful hand designs. No matter what picture I bring in, she always slays! I can definitely tell they use high quality products bc my full sets lasts for at 3-4 weeks with no nails coming off. I sometimes get a gel mani and those last at 3 weeks too. I'm definitely happy with their service.

  • Nicole S.
    Aug 2021

    I have been here at least three times and I have enjoyed my experience every single time! I usually get a regular manicure - pedicure and I've been very happy with that. I especially love their color pallets to choose from, they have amazing color choices. I recently got a gel manicure by a man and had a matching pedicure color as well. This has been by far the best gel manicure I have ever gotten! It has lasted me four weeks with zero chipping, and I have even cut my nails twice since getting this Gel Manicure.

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