• Brittany L.
    Nov 2021

    I was referred to artist Nick by two co-workers. First co-worker Alexis had a big, bold beautiful neck piece and the other had several hand/arm tattoos. I messaged Nick over Instagram and he got me in the very next day. After my first tattoo I continued to go back to Nick for three other tats (and I have another appointment next week). One of them was a memorial tattoo for my dad and I told him my idea and I couldn't be happier. The work speaks for itself! He's clean, precise and will take the time to make sure the placement, color and idea is exactly what you want (I had him place one tattoo several times and he was super cool about it). If you want bold, long-lasting gorgeous tattoo work ask for Nick; see attached photos. Thanks Nick!

  • Gina A.
    Nov 2021

    Brynne is such an amazing tattoo artist. I would recommend her to anyone. She covered a dark tattoo that I've had for 30 years with a beautiful vibrant hummingbird and roses. You cannot even see the tattoo underneath. Brynne was warm, funny, personable and a true artist. Can't wait to get more work done by her- I already have three more appointments booked! Lol. If you are looking for amazing artwork and want to support a dope-ass female tattoer, holler at Brynne.

  • Christi D.
    Nov 2021

    Dude you cannot beat marcs pricing and quality! Amazing. I'm definitely coming back. He is quick and efficient, good customer service, and holy crap good at what he does. They took me right in, no appt.

  • Dgk D.
    Nov 2021

    First tattoo by Greg was pretty good, second tattoo by travis was also good but my third and last tattoo by nick was pretty bad I really hate to talk negative but the truth has to be know. So I did a walk in and asked for a simple anarchy and ended up getting a lot more than what I asked for. He even put bright red ink... I didn't ask for two colors, a shit ton of dots, and a sperm cell. I paid $150 so I wasn't really mad but then it started getting to me the so I asked him if he can go over the bright red in the same dark red he used for the rest of the tattoo so he did and while he was finishing that he told me I could come back in to add shading or touch it up so I finally came back in today and told him that I want it colored in and he was trying to tell me otherwise like just add shading I didn't really understand him but he wasn't trying to color it in to "make it look like a cover up" but he ended up coloring it in after I told him about three times that I want it solid. When he finished he charged me $140 which made me want to make this review. Why should someone have to pay to cover up someone else's mistake ?? $290 in total for this... I'll also add the picture I asked for. P.S my dad came in here and asked how much a small Tasmanian devil from lonely toons and they charged him $400!!! Not even my first tattoo that is way bigger was 400$ pretty ridiculous. Anyways it was good doing business with you guys I'll find a better place now. I don't not recommend.

  • Leah H.
    Oct 2021

    This place is a little over priced. I got a small jellyfish tat (prbly the size of my finger tbh). It was $200.

  • Alexx R.
    Oct 2021

    Will start by saying they do actually take walk ins! I'm on vacation and found this place on Yelp. Had the most reviews and most pictures in the area. The lobby was pretty full with people who were walk-ins. There was definitely that younger getting their first tattoo crowd when we walked in. They advised most tattoos start at $100 and go up depending on artist, size, etc. (standard stuff) My friend and I got matching dagger tattoos behind our ears. Our artist stated that it would be $180 for the tattoo because it's color. He then also told us he only accepts cash. Their ATM was out of cash so we walked to the Chase. When we got back they were all ready to do the tattoos. And it only took about 30 minutes each and they came out really well. Overall decent experience.

  • Andrew R.
    Oct 2021

    Went to onelungjustin for a simple dragon tattoo. Ended up giving me something better than I could've imagined. 10/10

  • April Almanza
    Oct 2021

    Friendly artists. Good mix of music to listen to while getting tatted.

  • Taylor B.
    Sep 2021

    I came in for a cover up tattoo that was on my forearm and pretty old. I was concerned if it would be possible to cover up since it was so large. Greg went above and beyond to ensure the tattoo came out looking great. Greg was personable and did an awesome job. I would come back to Greg in the future for any further work I need. 100% recommended.

  • Reza A.
    Aug 2021

    I wanna put negative starts i come in with a friend of mine that is getting work done to his leg and as im walking up the stairs "Michael" approaches me and stops me and tells me im not welcomed because of covid since i dont have an appointment. I just wanted to see some of their previous work for my self , shitty people dont get inked by them go somewhere else if he talked to a new customer like how he talked to me i would not wanna get work done by him or any of his crew! I do not recommend.

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