• Marcus G.
    Nov 2021

    Stick me well to calm down about my haircut realizing I had a lot of hair when I left but by the time I left I had to go short real short enough to wear it no longer was called long hair anyway she thought she knew more about my hair than I knew about it and I see that your place is closed I'm sorry but those 2 females that you had working there were not very professional and I could see why you're closed I'm sorry you closed but if it's because of those 2 I understand

  • Peter Allard
    Oct 2021

    Great and friendly staff! I've been going here for 15 years.

  • Carlos Mercado
    Sep 2021

    Shampoo and hot towel were nice. There was no bits of hair shrapnel afterwards so I didn't have to go straight home to shower and wasn't all itchy.

  • Kip Strawbridge
    Aug 2021

    Quick, friendly service. I usually choose “First Available” so I have been attended by several different stylists. They have all been great.

  • Ted V
    Aug 2021

    Haircut was rushed, under ten minutes for the whole thing. Lady did not follow instructions given and my haircut was not how I wanted it to be. The actual haircut was incredibly painful with my scalp being clawed away at by the comb. She was also very disrectful in her speech to me without showing an ounce of kindness. In the end, I left with less money, a bad hair cut, a hurt head, and a hatred for a business. Do not recommend.Service: Haircut

  • Damian R.
    Aug 2021

    First time at sports clips. Came in after a long travel. Service was nice. Greeted right away. I believe my stylists name was Carly. She did an excellent job.

  • Cody James
    Jun 2021

    Jessica did a great fade super awesome

  • Richard Longacre
    Jun 2021

    They usually do an awesome job.. much better than supercuts..

  • Mark P.
    Apr 2021

    First time I went was not great but worth giving them another chance. I set down & this lady buzzed my entire head with the same clippers the lady a month ago used on my sides. The computer showed her that is what they used before. On top of that did not blend anything in & I look like I have horns. I was literally in & out in less than 10 mins. I don't even know how that was possible. I had a cut, shampoo, pampering (wet towel on the face). Definitely don't waste $ on that. & styling. Out of my car & back in it in less than 15mins. That's paying & everything. Ridiculous $35 spent. Don't ware your money on these supper cut mall places that charge just as much as the good salons

  • Christoph Puetz
    Apr 2021

    Took my son here for his haircut.. Service was good as always. I love the online reservation system as it really reduces the wait time.Staff is always friendly and lately quality of the haircuts has definitely improved. There was s time where it was hit or miss.

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