• Marina R.
    Oct 2021

    I've posted two reviews and they keep taking them down. Hmm I wonder why?? I was a member here from end of July 2021 to just recently when they mandated vaccines. I decided to cancel due to this requirement. I was treated abruptly and rudely by management as well as staff. Very disappointing. I spent quite a bit of money with personal trainers, spa treatments etc. No need to be treated poorly unnecessarily. If my review is removed I will post again.

  • Eternity B.
    Oct 2021

    Each time I have come to this gym I have been greeted by friendly and energetic staff. Ian at the front desk has a million dollar smile and warm essence. What keeps me coming back to this particular location is the yoga instructor Madeline. You have to take one of her classes-- I haven't met an instructor quite like her. Her toga class is comprehensive and she is well qualified to offer modification for whatever suits YOUR body. Love it here! It's always clean the steam room is fantastic and I seriously can't get enough!

  • Garrett T
    Oct 2021

    I went to check out this gym for the first time last week. Work pays for my gym membership, so I figured why not get myself something nice. Given the price point, I expected really nice equipment and facility. I was very surprised to see all of the gym equipment seemed to be 15-20 years old, and the gym itself was much smaller than I expected. I would explain the equipment as truly "the basics" with no frills involved. Was not a good fit for someone like myself, who usually spends most of their time using the equipment and not attending classes. That aside, the bathrooms appeared nice, and I have heard the classes are good, although I did not attend a class. If you are a person who relies on classes, this may be a good fit. Overall, I would recommend the gym get new equipment, including some odds and ends that you don't always see. Then, maybe put some art like a mural on one of the walls to give it a bit of uplifting decor. For now, I will stick to the EOS by my house, I guess.

  • Patrick H.
    Oct 2021

    Wish I could find this place and their incredibly rude lobby staff a ZERO star rating. What a horrible place. I will not be returning as a member.

  • Nicole F.
    Sep 2021

    I had the strangest experience here. I walked in to ask about doing a trial day/week/whatever is normal, and I was met with the most awkwardly chilly reception. The girls at the front would barely look at me, and cooly said "we are a MEMBER'S ONLY FACILITY." I think this is where most gyms would try to get you to join?? I tried to explain (nicely - I swear!!) that I think there is a trial day before you join, and she snapped "I'll get my manager." Her reaction seemed like a rather intense and sudden escalation. I think I got reverse Karen-ed. The manager was extremely friendly, but in the sort of way that you're friendly to a homeless man who wanders into a children's museum. It couldn't be more clear he wanted me out of there right away. I told him my friends did trials before joining, and he said "oh, but you would have to sit down with member's services, schedule a trial, and come back another day." This was... the opposite of a sales pitch. When I said that wouldn't work for my schedule (again, I swear I said this nicely), all three employees out front were visibly delighted. It was the sort of interaction that left me very concerned that I smelled, or my outfit was weird, or have I gotten really sloppy looking during quarantine??

  • Gary H.
    Aug 2021

    Super disappointed in the management of Equinox. It wasn't like this when I was a member in NYC. I received an email from the GM recently, offering to reinitiate my membership for the same rate as prior to the pandemic. I was ready to rejoin until I started asking questions, like why was I being charged an initiation fee? Turned out I was incorrect and addressed it but also wanted to understand why in the middle of the pandemic, I was charge a cancellation fee for me and my wife when we wee told we wouldn't, unfortunately by an employee who is no longer there. The charges were near $500 for me and my wife and I am thinking to myself, how can someone offer to allow you to cancel as we didn't feel comfortable in April 2020 to return to public gyms. They stopped charging us in Feb 2020. In April, I was offered to cancel which we did, but the GM now says we inquired in June, and thus received the $244 ea. cancellation charge, even though the Club was not fully open and had restrictions we were not comfortable with. I almost rejoined, but glad i didn't. It is a matter of principal now wondering how the ownership could be so greedy, to charge clients during the middle of a pandemic... and then try to justify it to me.

  • Richard Gumirov
    Aug 2021

    Not a good gym

  • Andrea McCurry
    Jul 2021

    This is by far my favorite gym. The yoga is on point. The space is beautiful. The front desk staff is very friendly and the instructors are high level. I highly recommend Zach Fiocca’s Cycle Power class. You will get a power workout and have an equal amount of fun.

  • kim livingston
    Jul 2021

    Best gym ever!!

  • Andrea M.
    Jul 2021

    This is by far my favorite gym. The yoga is on point. The space is beautiful. The front desk staff is very friendly and the instructors are high level. I highly recommend Zach Fiocca's Cycle Power class. You will get a power workout and have an equal amount of fun.

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