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  • Lauren M.
    May 2021

    Avoid!! I made an appointment over a month ago. They were booked out that far because they only have two stylists working right now. My roots are super grown out because I've been waiting so long, and we talked at length when I booked the appointment. I CAME BACK IN TOWN TONIGHT, pumped for the appointment tomorrow. I took the entire day off work tomorrow (unpaid), for this appointment. Upon getting back in town and to my personal phone, I see a text confirming the appointment. I wrote back to say that of course I am coming, etc, and that I've never had a stylist leave a voicemail seeming desperate for confirmation the night before. Her response: SHE GAVE IT AWAY, SORRY. Literally the most unprofessional salon I've ever encountered. Don't waste your time. Screenshot attached. Oh, best part? She then had the nerve to tell ME not to ever call her again. Is this an actual joke? STAY AWAY.

  • JoAnn H.
    May 2021

    Terrible Salon!!! Hard to believe there is any good feedback about this salon at all! Use to be a decent place. Not anymore!!!

  • Oliva Poe
    Apr 2021

    Amazing work.

  • Veronique Salamanca
    Mar 2021

    Great salon and professional workers are there!!

  • Dan Hartwell
    Mar 2021

    Simply there awesome

  • Keith Baillie
    Feb 2021

    Never answered the phone and i left voice.mail they never called back

  • Duke K.
    Jan 2021

    WOW ! Another shutdown coming and this place doesn't give a damn about their customers ! THEY DO NOT CALL YOU BACK !! My girlfriend had an appointment to get her hair done by Marty, she had to reschedule but left a message on their answering machine to please call her back to set up a different time. She never heard back, this is now the second time my girlfriend has had to reschedule do to unfortunate situations, yet, both times this place NEVER called her back, she had to do so, and both times, like today, they find excuses as to why she didn't get a call back. This doesn't look good at all for a business to begin with, that the customer has to constantly call after leaving messages, it makes the customer, and my girlfriend is a new customer at this place, feel unwanted and uncared for. I guess my girlfriend was right the first time when she said "I shouldn't go back here" if they can't even call you back, it shows how they don't care to have you back.

    Today however, after she left a message last week about rescheduling and to please call her back with different date and time and NEVER heard back (again) she called the salon, only to encounter a rude lady (ANGIE ) who said that she had no idea why she hadn't received a call back ,found all kinds of excuses for it and on top of it she said that " we don't have you in our books for an appointment , while my girlfriend has a business card from her last hair cut here in front of her given by Marty her stylist with the date and time as an already booked appointment for the 17th at 12:20pm. WOW! This place needs major HELP !! How do you give a customer a business card with date, time and stylist name on it as a booked appointment, give it to the customer, and not write it down in your own "books" ? It's really too bad for Marty who is now out a client and although she might not give a damn, it's all word of mouth. Start on yelp and keep on going .
    It's too bad for my girlfriend as well who was looking forward to getting her hair done by Marty.
    They obviously don't care about their customers, actually NEW CUSTOMERS, Angie told my girlfriend they have been in business for over 25years, apparently their cliental, old clients is all they need, then, they shouldn't take new customers and just keep who they have.

    I can't even comprehend how an adult with a business has the guts along with a mouth, to treat a customer in this manner, literally hanging up on a customer because the customer was trying to explain and wanted to find out why she left messages twice at this salon, and twice she never received a phone call back from them. All Angie kept saying was "I don't know what happened maybe the person that listens to the phone calls didn't write down your phone number" all excuses instead of first and foremost apologize for it, that's what she should have done, apologize. She kept being defensive about it and just kept saying "we've been in business 25 years" like that's suppose to make anyone feel better? So what if you've been in business like my girlfriend told her 50 years, YOU DIDN'T RETURN MY CALL, PERIOD, and this is the second time that you find excuses as to why you didn't, but you still didn't and my girlfriend has to call you, as if YOU are paying my girlfriend to get her hair done, and not the other way around. You are doing her hair for free right? Wrong!!! Twenty five years in business and that's how they treat their customers, new customers, again, don't take any new customers if you dont' want them or need them, but don't treat them like dirt. That's wrong, unprofessional and makes you look really, really badly.

    These places are all going down the drain, most will never be able to either keep up what's happening with this COVID, or completely close down their shop, yet, this is the way these people treat their customers, like dirt. Hanging up on a new

  • Erin Schmick
    Nov 2020


  • Vivian B.
    Oct 2020

    Angie is a very good stylist & colorist. I'm very happy with her vision for how she would style & color my hair to compliment my face. I'm thrilled with my new youthful look.

  • Deborah B.
    Oct 2020

    The owners of Entourage Salon are three delightful sisters who have been styling hair for 26 years!  Not only are they excellent at their profession, they are kind, funny and very interesting.  What a pleasurable experience to have met them!  Highly recommend!

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