• Annika Sybrandy
    Nov 2021

    Appointments don't mean anything hereThis morning was the THIRD time I have arrived at my appointment, to not have an appointment. The first two times they were able to "fit me in". (after a little wait ). The second time, I had made an appointment, it was for acrylic nails and a pedicure. The person doing my nails took 6 additional appointments by phone while doing my nails. This made my experience less relaxing, but I didn't mind at first. They did not write down a single one of those appointments in their book, though they did use it to reference if there were free appointments to give the customers calling, which doesn't make any sense. When it was time for my pedicure, he said they didn't have space.The third time, this morning, I booked the appointment in person for the next morning. The only reason I went back at all was I had just broken a nail, and this place is right near my work. I explained that I had work at 11 and I had to be finished before 10:45. They said I could come in at 9:30. When I showed up this morning, no one was available to do my nails, but they said they could do it in an hour. I didn't bother.If you make an appointment here, you should think of it as a light suggestion rather than an actual appointment. And even if you have an appt. for both mani pedi, beware, because they may give one of those appointments to someone else while you are getting the other done.Disappointed because this place used to be so good.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Dalena L.
    Oct 2021

    The new spa chair very Excellent ! Come and enjoy the new chair !Everything inside the nail salon is New !!

  • Luisa Galindo
    Oct 2021

    It was good. We had fun and were able to get our nails done without a long wait!

  • Amanda Dombek
    Sep 2021

    Love love love this nail salon they give great pedi's and if you have a little one they do amazing ? such patients with my little girls nails!! And they only charged me 10$ for her!

  • Megan D.
    Aug 2021

    I absolutely love how many color options and choices in general this place had. Endless possibilities! It's hard to find nail salons that give you a lot of creative freedom but this place seems to specialize in unique designs. I've always wanted to try iridescent cat eye nails but none of the usual salons I frequent in SF offer this option. And if they did, the style would cost at least $55, not including tip. My gel cat eye mani was $45 and I think they did a great job. This location of Color Nails (there are 4 total) charges $35 for a gel mani, and $10 for the cat eye overlay, which involves using magnets to get that slash of shimmer. May and Alex were my nail techs. May gave me a great pedicure and lovely foot massage, which as we know isn't exactly run of the mill with every nail salon. She began my gel mani but Alex took over as I was their last client of the day and he seemed more adept at applying the cat eye look so they could close up in a timely fashion. Despite being the last one there (which had not been my intention), I enjoyed chatting with them and didn't feel like I was being rushed out of the place. Alex mentioned another location of Color Nails does 4D nails, as opposed to the 3D cat eyes offered at this one! That is definitely something I'd explore if I lived in the area...he said the 3rd location does it but I don't remember where that one is located.

  • Frank C.
    Aug 2021

    Do not bother giving these people your business. We made an appointment last night for three people at 9:00 am this morning. We walked in and they already had people in the chairs and said- so sorry it'll be about 20 minutes. It was not 20 minutes and we left!

  • Kris Rosinski
    Aug 2021

    Great mani/pedi with Kim

  • Nellie S.
    Aug 2021

    I would give it 0 stars if possible. I made an appointment the day before. I showed up at 4 pm the next day and they asked me to wait 15 minutes. Fine. 20 minutes later they tell me it will be 30 more minutes. They wouldn't even get me in until an hour after my appointment. The employee said "i am sorry" but then didn't do anything, he went on to work on someone else's nails. What is the point of appointments if the salon honors walk-in appointments first? I am very unhappy with how poor the management is here, and the lack of customer care.

  • Lilianna Matuz
    Jul 2021

    Im from the Coachella Valley and came in for an emergency pedi cause my dogs were BARKING! Lol .. Mae is super sweet! Even though she messed up a little (used wrong color for my big toe) she remained professional, apologized and asked if I wanted her to redo. I didn’t care too much so we just worked with it lol.

  • Rose R.
    Jun 2021

    My manicure is a perfect now as it was when I got it done a week ago! I didn't catch my manicurist's name, but I'll definitely be going back!

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