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  • Amy Weiss
    Nov 2021

    I went here for a skin procedure and was disappointed. When I walked in, the front desk receptionist was rude and very dismissive. For being a place that is supposed to be centered on the "person," you should be catering to that person walking through that door. The doctor I saw was okay...he was nice, but at the end of the procedure, when it was time to pay, I was a little surprised by his behavior. I had paid for the procedure online when I had booked the appointment. When he told me what I owed him, he didn't believe that I had paid online. He questioned me as to how that was even possible. I had to show him how you can book the appointment and pay before seeing him. He acted like the amount of the procedure was nothing and that I should pay it twice!! I walked out a little shocked.

  • Julie Stinson
    Oct 2021

    I booked a facial with Madelyn and was happy with her and my results. She explained everything she was doing and what to expect. She has a very soothing voice and the entire experience was thoroughly relaxing. My skin looks and feels hydrated and refreshed.

  • Crystal C
    Aug 2021

    Angel is the best!! She is a brow wizard and her facials are wonderful!Highly recommend!

  • Jessy Leigh
    Jul 2021

    I use to love Smart Skin, but my last few appointments have left me disappointed. The last appointment I had I felt like their new receptionist was rude. She acted like I was inconveniencing her when I walked in and when she was taking my payment. It's also not worth it to pay for the 90 minute messages here because it's like your ninety minutes begin the second you walk into the door. I understand that you're given time to get ready before your massage and after, but the time before last I felt my time was seriously cheated so I made a point to time everything on my next appointment. I paid for a ninety minute message (both times) , but they literally started my time when I walked in the door (I checked in, went to the bathroom, etc) and stopped my massage with 15 minutes to spare. My massage was supposed to last until 5:15 and I was leaving the building at 5:00. I might partake in other services here, but I'll never get a massage here again. That's twice back to back. I've also checked into laser hair removal here and they wanted to book me for a facial before they would do the laser treatment... I felt that was really unnecessary. I used to go here regularly but I'll definitely take my business for routine services elsewhere after my last few experiences.

  • Laura S.
    Jun 2021

    I went in on March 26 for my first Exilis 360 treatment. I chose my neck area because the skin was very saggy, but you can do any part of the body you want to re-contour. after 6 treatments (one week apart) I have noticed significant improvement. There was absolutely no pain or discomfort during the treatment for me, and Rebecca is very knowledgeable and personable so she makes sure you know what to expect. She explained that treatments like this take time before you see improvements, so Rebecca had me come back in on 6/25 for a complimentary facial and for some after pictures for comparison. I had taken my own before and after and have seen major improvement. Overall I'm very pleased with the professionalism and the results. These are entries from my blog that reflect the improvements: 4/30 - last Exilis treatment; seeing very small improvements. Will go back on 6/25 for a facial and let Rebecca take after photos so fingers crossed that there is a marked improvement. I see improvement, but not the extreme tightening that I was hoping for yet, but we'll see. 5/6 - seeing more change! That little goozle of skin under my neck is shrinking; skin looks smoother; horizontal wrinkles are less; rings around the neck are looking better, however my tanning habits have made white rings where those wrinkles were, so I need to tan the white parts in order to make that blend in. 6/9 - so, this is 2 months since the Exilis treatments began; I see a big diff in the jowl bags and the neck waddle. Not near as prominent as it once was. Looks like skin is tighter and smoother. Hopefully this will continue to improve as it is not 100%, but looking much better than it did when I began. I have an appointment on 6/25 for a mini facial with Rebecca so we can look at before and after results. Going to ask her if that other laser she has can get this ugly scar tissue from an old spider bite on my leg. 6/25 - so went in for facial. Loved it, but the steam almost killed me! LOL! Anyway, Rebecca treated the old spider bite too, which she said the dark spot is hyperpigmentation; she explained that the fiber blast might remove too much pigment and then I will have a white spot rather than a dark spot; so, she put a chemical peel on it and appeared to make it lighter, but Sunday night after I shaved my legs I noticed a very thin layer of skin was peeling off so I peeled it the rest of the way, and I have to say it is impressively lighter now! Goodbye, old spider bite! Anyway, you can't go wrong with Smart Skin Spa. they've been around for a long time and they really know their stuff. Rebecca is always researching for better methods to help us women improve our skin and therefore, our confidence.

  • Leslie Reed
    Jun 2021

    Where do I even begin!!! Very professional yet down home feeling of comfort when I walked through the door. Felisha is an amazing lady with talent and an eye for perfection. For years I have struggled with literally a fine line of eyebrows, and pail lips, until today! Words can not explain how proud I am and let me say I hold my head high when out and about after adding pigmentation to brows that boosted my confidence level immediately. I also had the lip blushing completed the same day. Pain level was minimal and Felisha stayed focused on keeping me comfortable. I also had the consultation for Plasma fibroblast so that will be my future procedure. I couldn't ask for better treatment or a cleaner establishment. I will be 48 next month, but that doesn't mean I have to look my age. Give Felisha control and let her do her magic! Ladies we are all beautiful, sometimes we just need a little touch up here and there so we can conquer the task at hand! Thank you truly from my heart Felisha ❤

  • Kat Z.
    Jun 2021

    I had the Fibro Blast treatment 9 weeks ago. I have no positive results at all! I truly had high hopes of looking improved. I was certainly mistaken. I look in the mirror and cry. Not only has there been zero improvement, I now have a very droopy eyelid. I met with Rebecca in March to discuss what Fibro Blast could do for me. She told me that my areas of concern would be basically rejuvenated. I purchased a "package" and made my appointment. The actual treatment took about an hour. Everything she told me about the discomfort, swelling and scabbing were true. What hasn't shown to be true is that the issues I wanted improved are no different than before I had my "treatment". I shouldn't be feeling so upset, but should have been rejoicing with my improved appearance. Obviously this is not the case! I contacted Rebecca, the owner, of Smart Skin Spa. about a week after my treatment as I was concerned about some issues I was now having. She and I met briefly at her salon. I was told drooping was common and would correct itself with time. She told me to be patient. I was told that my skin needed at least 8 to 12 weeks for me to see any results. Every day hope springs eternal in that I will see some of the results that I was promised. It has been about 8 weeks since I went and saw her, there has been no follow up even though she is well aware of how distraught I am over spending so much money for what I consider to be a foolish expenditure . It was a very expensive procedure. Rebecca claims she will do another treatment, but I'm frightened that it may exasperate the issue I'm having. Maybe in 12 weeks I'll wake up and see a miraculous improvement, though I seriously doubt it!

  • Kierstan Lee
    May 2021

    Any service that Felisha offers, GET IT! Everything about her is absolutely amazing! She makes you feel right at home with every step. I had an appointment to get my brows done and I was quite nervous. She killed it! They look so good! I went back and got my eyeliner done. I plan to do more also. Highly highly recommend her!!!!

  • sabrina woodall
    May 2021

    Felicia Seamon did a beautiful job on microblading my brows. It was a very good experience and she was very helpful and well versed in what I was looking for. I would highly recommend her for this procedure.I am really looking forward to the fibroblast PLASMA procedure I am having done next week.Than you Felicia!

  • Jamie Giardina
    May 2021

    I had the plasma fibroblast done on my forehead and let me tell you...Felisha is the best!! She is a perfectionist and knows what she is doing. The environment is relaxing and she is very professional yet personable. I highly recommend going to see her!!

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