• Kate M.
    Jan 2022

    Went in today to have my dip polish & three tips removed. He clipped all my nails at different lengths (after I told him I wanted them fairly long) then started to pry the tips off with a fake nail, missing my nail a few times and poking my skin. Ouch! I asked to have them soaked off. He drilled my nails for way too long with the extra rough dremel, making them paper thin and irritating the skin under my nail. When he was checking the length of the nails after filing he asked if it was fine, like I wouldn't notice one of my thumb nails was significantly shorter than the other?? I ended up leaving after all the dip polish was removed. Not even an hour later and two of my nails have broken. I will neverrrrrr go back!

  • Heather Guidry
    Oct 2021

    Went in for mani/pedi. I canceled the pedi after such an awful job on the manicure. I literally had to ask for them to trim my cuticles -which they still look terrible. The polish was applied so sloppy and they used file to get off what was on my skin—-painful! Still polish on my skin. Complete waste of time and $. Will never be going back. They are 100% concerned with quantity over quality.Service: Manicures

  • Ashleigh
    Oct 2021

    Very rushed. Didn't listen to my request for dip nails and fully painted them one color when I asked for french tips... I reminded her 2 times and once when I walked in.. They ended up cutting my fingers with the nail sander and the nail dip looks very poor. It has white flecks in the orange paint. My pedicure was passed on to 4 people before they finished the job. My pedi looks terrible. I don't see myself coming back here.

  • Holli Gonzalez
    Oct 2021

    I had heard good things about this new nail salon and my normal nail artist was on vacation, so I decided to give them a try.Overall I was disappointed, went in for a gel mani and pedicure. Pedi was nice, they add in hot stones for a special touch and it didn’t feel like it was rushed. I also was getting a gel color change mani and that was rushed, I normally cure the gel 2 to 3 times after each application and he (I don’t know his name, first time there) would rush each drying session. After the top coat, he didn’t let me complete one uv session on the left hand, put some cuticle oil on both hands and told me I was good to go. By the time I got home, 30 mins later- the top coat was bubbling and peeling on my left thumb. Yes, I should have said something but he was rushing me out and once he put the oil on I didn’t think it would cure anymore.Services: Gel manicure

  • Meagan Edwards
    Oct 2021

    I went in to get my nails removed. I had acrylic tips with dip powder. First, I had to wait an hour for them to provide a service that took maybe 3 minutes. I was charged $10 for him to painfully snap and rip the nails off as opposed to other salons I’ve been to that soak the nail off, buff, and occasionally even clear coat it for $5. The whole reason for going into the salon to remove them was to do it without tearing apart my real nails. If I wanted it to be done this way, I would’ve just done it at home for free.

  • Emma Boles
    Oct 2021

    Horrible. Made my fingers bleed and the result looks TERRIBLE. Of course, this was the day before my wedding. I had to go somewhere else to get it fixed. Way over priced as well.

    Sep 2021

    Price changed every time I went there for the same services. Man who works there argued with me on random upcharges in front of the entire lobby. He claimed it was $10 to SHAPE my nails. Is that not included on a full set?? Ridiculous and will never return. As how much your services are before you start and keep record. The place is clean and new looking tho so there is that.Services: Gel manicure

  • Willie Scott
    Sep 2021

    I went to to this nail place everyone inside is nice I told Paul I want gel nails he said ok the next day 4 nails pops off like press on nails I went back he fixed them two days s later I went the young lady across from him fixed them so the next day 4 more pops off for 45 dollars you would think they have good acrylic Not the young lady told me that they don’t have gel acrylic but they act like there putting gel everything on your nails that the CHEAPEST products I ever had people will do anything to make an dollar and don’t speak English well that what they act like they need to close down and stop taking people money with poor service.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Brie Wright
    Jul 2021

    My best friend and I have been going here for a couple of months and we are so happy with the results! :)) When we first walked in we were immediately asked to wash our hands, which is very great to covid at this time. We were seated after some time, because it was busy and we were walk ins, and were immediately impressed with the performance from our artists! They were able to provide the services we have never received at other salons and make cute designs we have never gotten before! We will definitely continue to come back :)Services: Gel manicure

  • Kayla H.
    Jul 2021

    I checked my bank statement a few days after my visit to find that the nail tech (Joyce) added a $10 tip to my service without my permission. I called to let them know that I was overcharged and the guy that answered became very defensive and said that it’s the bank’s fault (yeah, ok) and the receipt I signed does not show a $10 tip. I was not impressed during my visit for a few reasons (over-filing my nails, two different nail shapes on each hand, guy taking the color swatch/display from me while still actively looking through it to give to someone else), but adding a tip to a receipt without consent is unacceptable. I would not recommend and I won’t be back.Service: Gel manicure

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