• Robett Robinson
    Sep 2021

    The place to go for pool products or to get your water tested

  • donald and elizabeth merrill
    Aug 2021

    Great people they have been there every step of the way with my pool 2018 and just got a new spa and poor Lori has been so helpful. I have just called and called she has the Patience that is delightful. I would recommend them to anyone they have a wonderful team of people to help.

  • richard matthews
    Aug 2021

    They awesome. Send me a tee shirt!

  • Caroline Hopkins
    Aug 2021

    A lil price gouging going on withe the 3inch tablets but its ok

  • Richard Melton
    Aug 2021

    AskService was great,very friendly and helpful

  • Melva Bradford
    Jul 2021

    Friendly and helpful personnel

  • Patty Lebouef
    Jul 2021

    Lots of good stuff.

  • Tim H.
    Jul 2021

    Hughes installed my pool, replaced the liner at my cost and then when there were issues after waiting for Hughes for months to show up, I was told to prove it and laughed. They once were a responsible company but they no longer honor their warranties or provide any kind of service.

  • Paul Yoon
    Jul 2021

    I started discussing plans with Roger back in Sept or Oct of 2020. I was initially greeted cordially and we discussed some plans. I had a septic system that threw a wrench in my plans and took a few weeks to figure out where that was. I also took a couple weeks of time to learn more about septic tanks and did more pool research. I am a particular person and like to know what I'm going to get, what to expect, etc especially if I'm going to spend $27k+. I'm not an expert nor knowledge in pools. Well, once my research was complete I tried to contact Roger. I could not get a hold of this person at all. I've called and texted in excessive of 20 times to the main office, to his cell, and even some emails. Well now it's Nov or Dec he picks up and said he had been busy, answered a few questions about hot tubs and my setup. Fast forward another 4 months into March. He comes out again, raises the price by almost $3k.... and says he will put me on the list to build mid-May. Then it becomes mid-June. Once I tried to get him to honor the original quote I never heard from him again. I called a half dozen more times, I texted a bunch. Then all of a sudden he says there's no more concrete to do the jobs. I know this company builds pools for the home builders so maybe it's their way of saying they don't need my business. Maybe it is true. I'm sure I could find out if I really wanted to. I know where all the houses are being built in the area. What a waste of time. Why be in the business if you aren't there to answer questions and help the customer build a nice setup. It IS a permanent fixture once it's done. I'd give this company 0 stars. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about building a pool anymore. Maybe one day I'll do it myself.

  • Michael Schuyler
    Jun 2021

    Update June 23rd:

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